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Re: Thermal protection??

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Didn't know that. I thought that the T-Bird line was the last of the AMDs
without thermal protection on the processor........ Live and learn I


Re: Thermal protection??

On Tue, 11 Dec 2007 14:11:41 GMT, "Ed Medlin"

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Well that was also roughly correspondant to the point where
AMD urged motherboards to have the thermal shutdown feature
so in many cases it may be true that a T-Bird based system
doesn't have the feature while an XP system does.

IMO, keeping parts from frying is a good goal but more often
people find minor problems with the shutdown as they may
have it set too low in their bios (some bios default to 70C
when the CPU temp reported is higher than actual, so
actually lower than 70C shutdown),  or in other cases
especially with Intel processors some manufacturers
(especially in notebooks) may take the cheap way out and use
a lesser cooling depending on the processor throttling back,
when they would have had to engineer it better in the first
place if only run or crash were the alternatives.

Maybe I'm just lucky or more careful installing heatsinks
and picking fans, but I never see shutdown protection
activating, before then with an AMD CPU you will have
errors, crashes.  I suppose with a low-end part running at
the slower to slowest speed released for that core, it might
be possible it stays stable up to the point of a thermal
shutdown threshold, but with these lower speed parts it is
all that much more difficult to make it overheat to that
point unless the fan failed or the heatsink fell off... or
if the system was really badly designed per the environment
including a terrible heatsink, but event the stock heatsink
is reasonable enough.

IMO, more significant are older users who were accustomed to
past generation systems that would run for several years
before dust buildup became significant enough to matter, I
used to find systems that must've had parts buried under the
blanket of dust inside but they still ran fine until the
fan(s) failed.  I expect such users will think to themselves
that they shouldn't have to clean out their current gen.
system more often than they did past systems, overlooking
that the airflow rate is higher so in the same environment
it will build up dust faster.  Even then, errors or
throttling should happen before a shutdown.

Re: Thermal protection??

Please see my new comment in the thread "Re: Which sensor monitors CPU

thanks guys

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