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Re: Thermal Cement?

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Grind some cooper wire into finest dust. Mix that thoroughly with
a bit of slow-setting epoxy, about 1:1 by volume. Apply *tiny* bit of it
onto heatsink, press it down very firmly, start the computer -
the heat realesed when the machine is running will promote
epoxy polymerization. Put some weight on it and let it run for
a while. That's all!

Just using epoxy or superglue won't give as heat conducting a
layer, no matter how thin. As the stuff will also conduct electricity,
make sure it does not get anywhere outside the heatsink (or you
run a chance of shorting something in the mobo).

I've used this several times on various heatsinks and the results
were always very good. On a dual CPU board, with one of
the CPU glued to the heatsink like that, the difference from "native"
cooling was less than a degree centigrade. Only problem is that
this solution is permanent...


Re: Thermal Cement?

On Sat, 30 Jun 2012 09:52:20 -0400, Agent_C

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Thanks everyone; I've appreciate the very exhaustive rundown on
thermal compounds.

I note that this group is refreshingly devoid of trolls.


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