The best TV Tuner card for Cable...?

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After lots of browsing on hardware review sites I still I can't work
this out... which is the best TV card for displaying cable TV, e.g input
from set-top box..?

Trying to determine whether to use the All-in-Wonder card from ATI which
would save space in my Shuttle... but had plenty of bad reviews about
picture and drivers...

Or pay up 150 for a top end Hauppage TV card and a buy the graphics
card separately?

Grateful for advice!

Re: The best TV Tuner card for Cable...?

Johanna wrote:
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You're always better off with individual components instead of 'combo'
anything even if for no other reason than you can pick the characteristics
of each.

Combo tuner/video cards put both devices on the same PCI port and PCI
cannot stream both in and out to the same address at the same time so it's
impossible to do any real time post/pre processing with them (what you see
is the tuner output directly connected to the VGA output on the card itself).

As for quality, I don't know how you're measuring it or what you're
comparing it to but, remember, it can't be any better than the signal going
into it and that's 'TV quality'.

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