Temp Sensors but no tape?

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A while back I put together a new case with a new Antec P160 case
which had an led display built in to show temp readings from two

I was confused that the two sensor ends were each wrapped in a plastic
protective cover, but no tape of any sort was included to stick it
onto things I wanted to monitor.

This didn't and still doesn't make any sense.

I ended up sticking one on my vid card's backside between the board
under the gpu and the plastic the heatsink on the top-side screws

Put the other one tucked in the case above the HDs to keep track of
ambient case temp close to HDs

Looking around on-line at the time, I was surprised to see people
suggesting to use scotch-tape to attach these probes to things like
the cpu..(I would prefer not to have the plastic melted on my
cpu/heatsink thank you)

Also noticed that getting thermal tape is not an easy thing!

I guess in the end of my ramblings above,, my question is,..,,.  Is it
common to get monitoring hardware w/o tape to mount it anywhere?, and
if so, why?? and what suggestions on where to get thermal tape? .. or
did someone just forget to toss some tape in the pack of stuff that
came with my case?


Re: Temp Sensors but no tape?

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From my meager experience I just let it hang freely in the case (the wires
are stiff enough to keep it in place) to measure the ambient in the case.  I
only had one sensor but if I had another one I probably would have done the
same as you with the hard drives.  I don't think they were made to be
attached to any particular component (there are internal sensors for that).

Re: Temp Sensors but no tape?

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Why not use silicone rubber sealant?  It can stand 500F, conducts heat
well enough that it's used as thermal pads (your PSU uses it for this
and also for electrical insulation), and unlike epoxy it can be peeled
off if needed.  If you're really particular, get the type that does not
smell like vinegar before it cures -- look for the kind sold in the
auto parts dept. and labelled "safe for oxygen sensors", as all the
Permatex/Loctite "Ultra" types are (i.e., Ultra Copper, Ultra Grey,
Ultra Blue, Ultra Black, but not Blue or Black).

Re: Temp Sensors but no tape?

I've got mine just hanging in the air, you don't need tape if you just want
an ambient temperature of the case, there's lots of places to stick it, just
use some of the other wires to support it.

Re: Temp Sensors but no tape?

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probably cos there are some many rules and regs when supplying adhesive
materials to Joe public.......

why not use blue tack.

Re: Temp Sensors but no tape?

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006 07:01:27 +0100, "OhNo"

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Do not use blue tack.  It is not meant for high heat areas.

It has nothing to do with rules and regs, he simply didn't
look in the right places.  There are tapes available though
quite costly by the roll, typically a PC enthusiast would
buy a few inches off a roll an eStore bought.  Often called
"frag tape" though it has double sided adhesion, but maybe
that's what he wants.  One brand I've used is 3M Thermal
Transfer Tape, it comes in at least 3 thicknesses and is
also very expensive by the roll but I happened upon a free
courtesy sampe roll.  Overall, it's not as useful as
Thermally conductive epoxy but certainly a lot less

To put the topic in a broader perspective, a case
manufacturer isn't going to provide the one kind of mounting
method the OP wants because they don't know what the OP
wants to do.  It could not be effective to supply every
known mounting method possible.

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