System not powering up

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I built a system just over a year ago - been working well until last
week.  When I came to power it on, I could hear fans/disks running up
and then everything just cut out.  Repeated several times  - same
problem, and then everything became OK.  (Daren't power it off now!!)
I suspect it's power supply, voltage level, temp cutoff or similar.

Any suggestions as to how to track down please?

System is:

Case            Coolermaster ATC-201C SX1
Power Supply        430W Antec "True Power"
Motherboard        ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
CPU            Athlon XP 2700
Memory    2 off:        Corsair 512MB PC-3200 (400MHz) DDR DIMMs XMS
Hard Drives 2 off:         Western Digital 120Gbyte
Floppy            Samsung
CD Writer/DVD        Plextor cdrw/dvd
Graphics Card        128Mb Asus Geforce 8X  AGP V9280STVD
Keyboard/Mouse        Microsoft optical mouse + wireless keyboard
OS            Windows XP Professional

Pete Ramm

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Re: System not powering up

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Any suggestions as to how to track down please?
Since it's been working for a while it's pretty possible that it is a
power supply problem. Maybe overheating, but if it's overheating then
I would expect that youve got a fan out or youve got a really really
really dusty inside to your case. :wink:
I would also suggest taking a look around in there to see if anything
is touching metal where it shouldnt be. You might be getting a short
somewhere in there...

Re: System not powering up

Peter Ramm wrote:
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Check the CPU heatsink too check video (all)fans as well, as they can do
some sTraNgE things.
Power down and remove the power cord and blow the power supply case
out.(I have taken mine apart, best done/cleaned with 1 inch paint brush
and screwdriver)And get the computer of the floor where your carpet is.
You should clean your case everytime you see your keyboard is getting
filthy or more often. Depending on where you stubb out your cigarette
butts. Check your memory is seated properly and send any spare money you
  have to your best charity. This information costs.

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