Supermicro SC825TQ-560LPB server chassis problem fitting/sliding ...

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We just purchased this server chassis:

We have this rack as well:

This server chasis width without the rails is about 3/8" wider than
our older 3U case from rackmount pro.

The supermicro came with a rail kit ( /

It seems that when you slide the server case into the outer rails..
its simply too tight to move.. we have tried everything to fix this
problem (the outer rails always seem to buckle outward in the middle
too).. The minimum depth of the rack (out rails that can fit) would be
24".. so for this rack kit that it came with, its too short of a
distance, the set falls apart, to try this method to keep it

So we've ordered this kit:
I'm hoping to retrofit it on there and it will work.

Has anyone run into this issue before and fixed it?

I think in the future we will stick with rackmount pro though :)


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