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I have this Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop which I'm told has a Subassy hard
drive in it. I'm trying to reload WinXP but it's not letting me
I think because the boot sector is being protectedd by an anti virus
program..... I'm getting a blue screen of death error so I'm just trying to
format the drive and start over...... I would like to know how to low level
format this drive because it looks like thats the only way I'm going to be
able to get around this anti virus program.... assuming thats what is
stopping me from formatting..... I did run som hard drive utilities and all
saidd the drive was good.

Re: Subassy Hard drive

don wrote:
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Typically the boot sector protection would be provided at the BIOS level.
Suggest you check your BIOS settings for any settings along this line.

As for the "subassy hard drive", I think you'll find that it means
_subassembly_ and says that a standard name-brand drive is encased in a
Dell-specific casing for protection. Looking at the BIOS will tell you what
sort of drive you really have and any of the hard drive utilities should
have told you too.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Subassy Hard drive

On Thu, 23 Oct 2008 07:16:38 -0400, John McGaw

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Agreed, if the protection were being loaded by the hard
drive then all he'd need to do is boot from the Windows CD,
thereby keeping the hard drive *program* from loading at all
so it would be unprotected.  Without the program running
there's nothing stopping windows from writing to the drive,
except the bios as you mentioned.

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Agreed, though he probably won't need to do this since you
mentioned the potential for a BIOS setting above.  If there
is no setting it is unlikely there is such protection and
the next challenge would be what else could be making WinXP
bluescreen.  Perhaps one hint there would be the details
presented on that bluescreen and at what point during the
installation process it occurs.  

This also leads me to wonder why XP is being reloaded, to
wonder if there is some physical problem with some hardware
that might've caused the perception that windows needs
reloaded, and perhaps the same physical problem might also
be making system instable or inoperative to reinstall XP.

I don't know how old an Inspiron 1100 would be at this point
but I saw a review dated 2003 so it could be at the age
where parts like the hard drive are shot, it could be
helpful to boot the manufacturer's diagnostics and check the
drive thoroughly before a reinstallation attempt again,
and/or pull the drive and use a laptop-desktop IDE adapter
to check it in a desktop system.

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