Strange usb port problem

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I have this strange USB port problem, here are the symptoms:

1. I tried to use Skype with a headset (with microphone) connected to
the sound card (mother board built-in), for some reason the microphone
port did not work from the beginning, this was September of 2005.
2. Instead of adding a new sound card, I just bought another USB headset
with microphone, connected to USB port, everything worked well including
microphone, I became a happy Skype user.
3. In a few weeks, the USB port used by the headset stopped working. no
sound no microphone.  but the same USB port is good for external HD,
camera,,etc. except headset.
4. If I connected the headset to another USB port, it worked well for a
few weeks, then this USB port quited work again. but the same USB port
is good for external HD, camera,,etc. except headset.
5. By keep doing this, all the 6 USB ports on my computer failed to work
for the headset, so I bought a PCI USB card with 4 USB ports on it, now
the headset already made 2 of them failed. I only have 2 USB ports left
on the card that work for the headset. But I am sure the 2 ports will
not last very long.

I have discussed with somebody that knows computer, they suggested that
the static electric might destroy the ports. I don't buy this since the
ports work for all other devices, except the headset.   I doubt my usb
headset may have problem that destroy the usb port it connects to, but
the headset with microphone works so well.

If 4 ports on the pci usb card all fail, I'll buy another new card to
try, since usb card is cheap. But I still want to figure out a permenent
solution to stop this problem, any advice? TIA.

Re: Strange usb port problem

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So as you say the ports that the headset has been in still work ok with
other devices, I presume those posts are not actually broken.
And as the only device you seem to have that doesn't work is the headset,
this would lead me to believe that the headset or its drivers are faulty in
some way. Have you tried the headset in any other application, or just


Re: Strange usb port problem

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Unlikely to be the headset since it works fine on a new port.

Much more likely to be a software/driver problem.

Re: Strange usb port problem

大漢民族 wrote:

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I think its software related rather than hardware related. Try booting
another OS of our flavour and see if it recognises the dongle in
the 'broken' ports.

Lasse Jensen [fafler at g mail dot com]
Linux, the choice of a GNU generation.

Re: Strange usb port problem

Hi j~,

Did you try the following ?
1) to disconnect all the USB peripherals (the cables, not the USB adapter
!) then
2) in safe mode (of course you need at least a PS2 mouse), from the System
Properties window, to remove all the USB drivers, root included.
This will force Windows to re-detect the hardware and re-install all the USB
3) to boot again in normal mode and to verify if the drivers have gone.
At boot, Windows should propose to install the generic controller and the
enhanced one (USB2.0).
4) to reconnect the peripherals one by one, letting windows to detect them,
reinstalling their drivers and verifying that they are correctly installed
(no "!" nor "?")
5) to try again your mike on the first USB port.

Sometimes I've issues with my USB HDs and the only solution to get them
working again is to use the above procedure.
I run Win98 :-((

Good luck

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Thanks to all

Got idea from you gurus, I went thru "Device Manager" to strip off all
the USBs, reboot PC, the died USB ports all recovered.  Thank you for
the advice.  (At least my PC does not need to do it in safe mode)

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