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My new computer wouldn't start yesterday. It looked like the slave HD
had died.
I looked in the BIOS and it was not recognising the HD at all.
Interestingly anough, my son's computer had the same issue about 6
months ago.
It wouldn't work at all and the minute I take it to get fixed at the
store the guy said it turned on just fine.....
Well....the same happened here.....I tried to make the BIOS find the
HD (setting it to auto) but it wouldn't detect it at I gave
up and planned on taking it to the store to get checked this morning.
Late last night I decided to get the computer ready to go, disconnect
all the cables, etc.
I then realized it was running and had booted just fine. Nobody turned
it on and out of a sudden the computer is on and running fine?
In any case....what are the main probable causes of an HD not being
Could just a fluctuating voltage be the cause of both computers' hd
When my son's computer had the hd problem I checked the BIOS and the
voltage to the HD was being shown in red.....
Could this be the source of everything? and if so would just a UPS
solve the issue?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Startup problem

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005 22:11:37 -0500, FayeC

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A bios that POSTs too fast may not give a drive enough time
to initialize, or a weak power supply may not spin it up
fast enough (or the two in conjunction).  A failing drive
might also, at the beginning of it's death sentence, only
work sometimes.

There is no specific "Hard drive voltage" report in a bios,
as far as I know.  What exactly was this voltage reading in

The best procedure is to measure the votlage at the
connectors while the system is running, with a multimeter.
Also run the hard drive manufacturers diagnostics on it,
available for download from HDD manufacturer's website if
not in a retail drive package.

Since there is the potential that the drive is failing,
backup any important data first, if possible.

Re: Startup problem

a flock of green cheek conures squawk out:

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I had a failing power supply that couldn't handle more than one drive
being connected.


Re: Startup problem

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It's possible the data cable or power cable just have a loose connection...
but of course...the drive could be dying

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