StarTech racks, any good?

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I'm trying to find the sturdiest IDE HD rack available.  Does anyone have an
opinion about StarTech racks?  Here is a link ...

and here ... =


Re: StarTech racks, any good?

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Never used Startech, but they are quite expensive.  I have used a number of
Vipower plastic racks and have found them sturdy and inexpensive, and they
also make aluminum versions.  Here's one link showing a few of the Vipower
line and some others:


Re: StarTech racks, any good?

Rack quality comes down to 2 things:
1) quality of the connectors re longevity (# of insertions)
---- an issue if used as a regular backup device
---- eg, a good 3M connector costs >> cheap generics
2) cooling re actually having a decent airflow path
---- many do not, but this matters if high speed drives used
3) shockmounting ideally re drive handling
---- very few do - but can be added
---- bit of Sorbothane, or drive-mounting grommet (

Kingston make good enclosures.
Lian-Li are ok, but tend to have somewhat limited cooling capability.

Problem with the good ones is their price - it's a bit high:
o Contrast with an external USB enclosure
---- getting cheaper, decent cooling, some even shock-mounted
---- USB or Firewire connection for ease of connection
o External enclosure means no reliance on original caddy-holder
---- if the original machine is lost you are not reliant on a caddy
o External enclosure means arguably better hot-swap capability
---- USB/Firewire allow easy hotswapping, (S)ATA does not

Easy to connect an external USB-drive-box to any PC (laptop, svr).
Just a benchmark to compare the drive caddy products against.
Dorothy Bradbury for quiet Panaflo fans

Re: StarTech racks, any good?

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You mean Kingwin?

Re: StarTech racks, any good?

I have some ViPower ones. They work ok, but one of the racks stopped working
I took a look at it, I mean, how complicated can it be? It's just connectors.
I inserted the caddy, and did a point to point continuity check until I found
the bad one.
Turns out that the (centronics?) socket on the small pcb at the back was badly
fitted, and one of the pins was bent double rather than passing through the
hole. It was lucky to have worked in the first place.

It was a bugger to solder it too, I really ought to have removed the socket,

Chris Pollard

CG Internet café, Tagum City, Philippines

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