Sotware to ID cpu?

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I'm sorting out an old PC for a friend.

On bootup IIRC it said it had a 1250Mhz AMD.

While looking at the BIOS settings I changed the frequencies to

Now when the PC starts up it says it has an AMD 2000+XP.

It does seem to run faster.

I just wondered could it report this higher spec CPU in error?

Is there a way to ID the CPU with software that isnt fooled by incorrect
BIOS settings?

I'd rather not have to remove the HS/Fan and clean off the thermal gunk.

Thanks for any info.


Re: Sotware to ID cpu?

Ian R wrote:
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CPU-Z is free at and does quite a good job
of telling one more than is ever needed about a system's CPU.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Sotware to ID cpu?

On Sat, 1 Apr 2006 23:05:58 +0100, "Ian R"

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Hmm.  Well, IS it supposed to use 133MHz FSB?  What's the
model of CPU?  

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Ok, but with an unlocked Athlon, there's no way to know if
that's the correct speed until you've set everything back to
"auto" to see what the multiplier is, and THEN set the FSB
if it wasn't set as expected. Perhaps you had expected
133MHz FSB and that is correct, BUT we only have what you
wrote to go on, so we can't be sure of this yet (no info on
the system).

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It is expected to do so, not "in error" per se, but because
that is what you manually set.  It is at least an Athlon XP?
If so, then it is indeed expected to be using at least a
133MHz FSB, and so it would then most likely be correct,
unless of course the CPU is an even higher model that uses
166MHz FSB.  You need only ask the owner what the system is
"supposed" to have, or take off the heatsink and read the
label to be sure.  Asking is far easier, especially since it
might be the original thermal pad which would then need
cleaned off and a fresh thermal compound applied to replace

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Your context is a bit vague.  "Fooled" isn't quite right
because if the CPU is running at XP-2000 speed, that is what
the software _should_ report.

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Why did you fiddle with the FSB to begin with?

That should be addressed first.  Normally that is set when
system is built and never needs changed, unless some other
problem reverted away from the stored settings to the bios
defaults, or dead battery caused loss of the setting.

Download CPU-Z (google will find it), and note the reported
family, model, and stepping.  Those determine the family and
thus, model by the default FSB and multiplier.  Google will
help then if you are still unsure when knowing

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