Software for testing USB 3 speeds

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Is there any software out there to test the speeds of my USB 3 ports  
just to be 100% there running at USB 3 (or way better then USB 2) speeds?


Re: Software for testing USB 3 speeds

Jim wrote:
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Plug in a USB3 key, do a disk benchmark, if read or write
happen at >35MB/sec or so, you're running at USB3 speed.

Note that some USB3 keys, they only run at 45MB/sec at the
best of times, so there really isn't a lot of margin on
the cheap ones. And nothing prevents a USB3 key from
using 8MB/sec flash chips - it would just be a silly
combination. The 45MB/sec USB3 keys exist, because
it's as close as they can get to the edge of USB3
speed, without the customers complaining. At least
you can still tell it's USB3 in that case.

The worst flash chips ever, were perhaps 0.8MB/sec ones.
So on some USB2 keys, if you had a chip like that, you
could be fooled into assuming the key was a USB 1.1 one.

There are various utilities such as UVCView or USBView,
which give the speed in a cryptic fashion. I'd sooner
boot Linux and check over there, than bother with that.
Because finding the utilities is the hard part - if
they were readily available (if Microsoft was proud
of them), we would likely not be having this conversation.


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