Socket A motherboard with Firewire

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I have an old Athlon 1800+ XP Thoroughbred Processor and want to build a
second PC using it and an old ATA hard drive and 512MB DDR memory i have. I
also want the PC to have Firewire so i am looking for an appropriate
motherboard that will take the above which has Firewire on board.

I dont want to spend a fortune and would appreciate any suggesstions,

Thanks In Advance

Re: Socket A motherboard with Firewire

Macca wrote:
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Since cost is apparently a significant consideration it might be less
costly to use a separate PCI firewire card and a less expensive motherboard

Re: Socket A motherboard with Firewire


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I recently rebuilt my computer using a Gigabyte GA-7VT600 1394 (note
there are a number of versions of this board but the "1394" denotes
onboard FireWire).

I originally put it together with a salvaged Athlon B 1000 from my
previous machine (it can be made to support the non-XP athlons by
means of a jumper on the board, but you won't need to do that) to
limit the cost - I was only buying the motherboard and some memory.
However, I was so impressed by the rock-solid stability under Windows
2000 that I've ended up upgrading the processor anyway (Athlon 2800

The onboard FW is fine - I just bought a digital camcorder and, once
I'd found a freeware DV capture utility (the camcorder didn't come
with any useful video software, only software for dealing with
stills), it worked perfectly. Quite happily dealt with an error-free
capture of DV whilst also compressing a bundle of tracks to mp3 at the
same time, and still responsive - whilst the processor's quicker than
your XP1800, I suspect the memory bandwidth has more to do with its
general "snappiness".

Definite recommend. If you're in the UK, Microdirect and Ebuyer sell
it for just over 40 inc VAT (not inc delivery).


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