SLI-ready memory not detected

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Pardon my ignorance but what on earth is SLI-ready memory???

John the West Ham fan

Re: SLI-ready memory not detected

housetrained wrote:
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It is pure marketing spin. Nvidia and Corsairmicro (the memory company)
banded together, to add some data fields to the SPD on a memory
DIMM. Because the added data fields are not part of a JEDEC
standard, it means that a motherboard BIOS has to have additional
code added, to understand what to do. Typically, that might mean
obtaining a BIOS code module from Nvidia, if you didn't want to
write more BIOS code yourself. (Since this spec is provided, any
motherboard company could write code if they wanted.) Some motherboards
with Nvidia chipsets, know what to do with RAM featuring this additional
data. The additional data should do no harm, and can be ignored by
motherboards that don't know about the fields.

SLI technically has nothing to do with it. From a marketing
standpoint, what Nvidia is saying is, "if you can afford SLI,
then buy this fancy memory". Sort of like Monster Cables blinding
you with a layer of gold on everything they make. It is just
marketing spin. Graphics and system memory are separate
subsystems, and there is no reason to buy a special system memory,
if you happen to have SLI or Crossfire video. You are more likely
to see support for the additional features of that memory, on
an Nvidia chipset board, because of the need for additional
BIOS code. But notice that other motherboards still work without


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