Should it be in Device manager?

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I have a Chaintech mobo (Zenith CT-9CJS) it has what I call normal on board
sound PLUS a Chaintech multimedia riser board from a individual slot on the
mobo (i.e. not a pci slot) the riser card is identified as CMC 7.1
  Now this card doesn't appear as far as I can see in the Device Manager! I
cant identify anything like it in Sound, video,& game controllers.
  So I have duplicate o/p for speakers etc on the mobo and this riser card
   If I turn off on board audio in the BIOS I don't get any sound from the
riser and I am trying to confirm that the riser card is installed with ITS
drivers! hence the reason I am looking in device manger!
  The installation disk talks just of audio driver! and I have tried to find
online a driver identified as being for the riser!

Please help my brain is hurting :-) TIA


Re: Should it be in Device manager?

On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 16:39:15 GMT, "Len D"

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It's not an audio device, it doesn't need drivers.  It's a
bit like a dongle extension bracket AFAIK.

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Nope, it's a 7.1 channel sound so you just have the full
compliment of jacks with the riser installed.  The riser
simply adds the remaining channel outputs, it doesn't do
anything more than that.  If you don't have more than 2
speakers you don't even need the jack at all, are losing
nothing by not having it installed, except some other
features like optical output.  Point being, the riser is not
a logical device, it's just a physical adapter for the most

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No kidding.  How did you expect to get audio after disabling
it?   Were you specifically instructed that you MUST disable
or change something to get it to work?  If anything, there
might be a jumper you need to move.  Otherwise it's all in
the drivers, control panel.

Your board has 7.1 sound.  That requires more jacks that the
3 on the board.  The riser is no substitute or different
(anything), it's simply manditory to get all the sound
features of the regular sound.

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Quit looking at Device Manager.  Undo all the things you've
done so far.  For the time being pretend you do not have a
riser and just get the front two channels output from the
motherboard fixed jacks, working.  THEN read your manual to
see if there's jumpers you need to change.  Otherwise there
should be a mixer software to toggle the features for audio
I/O.  We should assume you DID install audio drivers, not
just accepting whatever Windows tried to force on you,
right?  Perhaps in additon to the audio driver there is also
a user front-end, audio "app" on same mobo CD or available
from chaintech or elsewhere, but it has nothing to do with
the riser per se, it's simply the full audio driver for the
normal mobo audio.

Now, onto specifics.  Is this your riser? (or similar

Does your board use Envy 24PT audio?
If so, you should go to Via's website and download their
latest driver.

If you're running Windows, you can skip the menus and
directly download their latest driver via this link:

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