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I want to install a SCSI Nikon LS1000 slide/neg scanner (external) to my pc.
It came from a office environment and has three SCSI HD in RAID setup. There
is a SCSI socket out the back but when I plug the scanner in it obviously
'finds' it there but won't operate or connect correctly I have a terminator
plugged into the other socket of the scanner.
The present hardware is listed as SCSI ID's 0, 1, and 4. I have tried the
default 5 and the others but without success. I think the error message is a
"Time out" something or other. There also is a SCSI lead loose inside the
case for some other hardware but nothing is connected to it.
Not sure where to look next or what tests to do. The scanner apparently
worked OK until it was upgraded with a later model.
TIA Peter.

Re: SCSI install problem

L. Peter Stacey wrote:
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did you install the correct drivers for it?

Re: SCSI install problem

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Two issues spring to mind:  first of all check the card's termination in the
SCSI BIOS - it should probably be 'high-only' for wide disks internally and
a narrow scanner externally.  Don't trust auto termination if your card has
it because you don't know what it will decide and it isn't infalliable.

Secondly, you state you have a 'spare' SCSI cable inside not doing anything.
Without knowing which HBA you're using I can't comment but many cards provide
two internal connections - one wide, one narrow - in addition to the external
interface.  You can use any two connections but not all three at once - that
would effectively be a fork in the SCSI chain which must be linear.  Pull
out the unused cable.

Andrew Smallshaw

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