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Bought a new motherboard and ram from newegg. Mobo isWinfast NF4UK8AA.Ram is
2x512 Crucial PC3200 CAS 3 (had to go cheap).
  Two things. First the memory(both 512MB sticks)fail memtest.Other ram
passes.I'm running a single 512 now
 Second,I cannot install to a sata drive or even acess sata from W2K pro but
it works fine with ide.Neither SATA shows up in Windows 2000 and if I run
"add new hardware",sometimes the sata will show,sometimes not.If it does
show up and I click on it the system will freeze.
I reinstalled the Nforce drivers and now Windows won't boot fully from the
ide drive.Disconnect the sata drive and it boots to the ide.
  Two sata drives internittently disappear or are not detected on SATA 3.On
SATA 2 they are both recognized consistently.TheWestern Digital 160GB will
even pass the WD DOS diagnotics!! And I had the Maxtor running on my
previous system.
Tried 4 different sata cables,Sata and molex power,different ram,many
different bios settings etc.
About to lose some hair on this one. I think I've narrowed it to either a
bad power supply(Ultra-Xfinity 500W) or bad sata controller on the
what do you all make of it?Thanks

Re: SATA problem

p.j.rudden wrote:
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First of all let me address your second issue-We need to know are you
trying to create a RAID array or use the drives as additional storage.
Are these drives recognized in the BIOS?  You probably don't have the
necessary drivers loaded because many times which drivers to load is

Re: SATA problem

p.j.rudden wrote:
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Give me a run down of whats in your system i.e. everything

Re: SATA problem

Meant to check this last night but I had to set up my back up pc.
I tried uninstalling the old nvidia drivers and installing the latest
version.After that I couldn't even boot to my IDE drive.
I've never had a worse time setiing up a pc.Seems like everything went bad
one right after the other.
I'm sending back the new ram and motherboard tomorrow.If they check out I'll
look to my power supply. There goes another was on shipping.Doh.

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NF4UK8AA.Ram is

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