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I'm trying to work on a friend's system on which the HD died.
Unknowingly, she purchased a SATA HD as a replacement.  I'm trying to
make this work for her.

It's an Intel D815EEA board, with a PIII CPU.  I've installed the SATA
drive to a SATA controller card (uses a Silicon Image SiI 3112).  I have
the card's drivers on a floppy.

I can't see anywhere in the BIOS where it's seeing the drive, or the
card.  That's issue #1, and probably causing issue #2.

Issue #2 is that though I go through the F6 "install drivers" process,
when XP gets to the appropriate point, it tells me there's no hard
drives, it cannot continue, please press F3.

I'm not as familiar with Intel boards as I am with AMD based boards, and
I've not tried to install SATA through a controller card (my three
drives are on controllers native to the mobo, a much newer mobo).

Is there any way to get this system to recognize the SATA card/HD and be
able to install the OS to it, or do we have to go purchase an IDE drive



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Is the SATA controller card a bootable one? You may need to enable the
boot option.

Try setting the boot option in BIOS to SCSI.


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Suddenly, without warning, Conor exclaimed (02-Aug-05 6:14 PM):
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There was no SCSI boot option.  The solution to this problem was to put
the board in a different slot - the first PCI slot.  Once I'd done that,
and got the correct drivers (the card wasn't the same in the box, and
actually has a VIA controller), the card was visible in the BIOS and I
was able to load XP on the machine.  All is now kopacetic :)


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