SATA and ATA on sam epc

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My PC uses ATA drives as c f and g (d and e optical drives) . I have  a
Gigabyte borad running AThlon 64 3000 and 1 gb ram with two SATA connectors

My uncle has a PC that has a single SATA drive

My pc has SATA connectors.

His PC is  dead and diognosed as a Motherboard failure. He is awaiting a new
board (28 days) and needs some documents he has saved.

Would I be able to plugthis drive into my PC and see it as an extra drive or
will PC try and boot form SATA.


Re: SATA and ATA on sam epc

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 14:32:05 GMT, "Big Brian"

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there is no "or" there is yes, "and".

... and your PC may try and boot from it.  It depends on how
your bios is set, the boot device priorities in the bios
menu.  Boot or reboot your system and check the menu before
attaching his drive, though you may need to check same menu
again after connecting his drive if your bios enumerates
potential boot devices based on what it detects without the
broader interface-type subdivision.  That's actually more
info than you really need, once his drive is connected just
make sure the first thing you do- without letting windows
try to boot yet, is enter the bios menu and confirm your
PATA drive is still set to higher priority in the boot
device list.

I don't recall with certainty but if you accidentally ended
up booting his, you'd probably end up with a bluescreen and
just have to reset the system to retry it... but no reason
to do that since it is avoidable.  

Some bios also have a more convenient one-time boot menu
accessed by pressing a certain key while in the POST
enumeration (just prior to booting) phase.  A key is
depressed (your motherboard manual would mention this key,
IF it's a supported  feature at all) and then up pops the
boot devices, you pick which you wanted.  That kind of menu
is never seen in the regular bios menus nor any other time,
unless the specific key is pressed a moment before the bios
tries to boot from something.

Re: SATA and ATA on sam epc

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yup you can boot from your SATA drive, i boot from my SATA drive. but the
point is here, you may accidentally erase all the documents/data from that
drive so dont do it, just plug in the drive and boot normally how you do it
for now until you can retrieve that data windows/linux will detect that you
will have a new drive in, all you got to do is to make sure that the disk is
initialised from the disk mangement console and you should be on your way to
retrieve the data from that drive (you may not have to initialize it, just
incase your pc when in windows doesnt see a new drive in my computer

Re: SATA and ATA on sam epc

"Squibbly" wrote:
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    Brian - don't do any "initialization" to the SATA drive - *that* is what
    could wipe out the information on that drive.  Just plug it into your
    PC, and boot normally.  Unless your BIOS is set to put SATA drives
    ahead of PATA drives in the HD boot order, your PC should boot
    using the PATA drive, and the SATA drive will be seen as just
    another file structure with its own root name, e.g "H:".


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