Santa Fe KM Motherboard for eMachine T1400 Computer

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I need a Santa Fe KM Motherboard (VIA KM 133a), I will be putting it in
an eMachine T1400 Computer. It can be used, but must be a working board.
A used motherboard of this model runs between $25.00 to $32.00 in
salvage computer shops.

I need this exact motherboard because I plan to use the Processor and
Memory from the old motherboard.

Anyone with information on getting one please email

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Re: Santa Fe KM Motherboard for eMachine T1400 Computer

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 01:11:47 -0600, C Miller

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Do you need a board this is specifically identified as an
"eMachine" board, perhaps for software installation
purposes?  If so, your main two options are going through
eMachines or getting lucky to find excess they'd cleared out
after warranty period was over for the line.

Otherwise, if you merely need another board that supports
same CPU and memory, and presumably in mATX form, you might
have a lot more options and it would tend to be far easier
to find a suitable board.

I have to wonder though, if you already know there's the
option of a "used motherboard of this model runs between $25
and $32...", why not just buy it there?

Re: Santa Fe KM Motherboard for eMachine T1400 Computer

Thanks for your reply Kony,

Yes the computer I am getting the motherboard for belongs to a friend of
mine. Trying to keep the project low budget with out having to buy
upgraded memory or another processor. After all it is just an eMachine
T1400. I am trying to find an exact motherboard before opting for a
different mATX board. My friend has an eMachine recovery disk
specifically for the T1400 in case he ever needs to reformat, so that is
a concern also. Also trying to do this with out having to reformat
anyway and just leave whats on the harddrive alone for right now.

Would you have an idea if the recovery disk would work if I used a close
match for the mother board, perhaps with the same VIA KM 133a chipset?

I tried to buy an exact match Santa Fe KM Motherboard from a used
computer parts business online. They have it listed on thier site for
$32.00, but I can't get a response out of them to contact me. It's kind
of odd if they were out of business or something, why they still have a
website online. You can see it at
at the very bottom of the page. You may need to enter the site at to make the site work right as the site uses

Thanks again

kony wrote:
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Re: Santa Fe KM Motherboard for eMachine T1400 Computer

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 13:34:32 -0600, C Miller

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No it will not work, the determination is based upon the
eMachines' specific strings in the bios, not whether the
board is the same.  In other words, if you found the exact
same motherboard made on same production line as those
eMachine used, but it was running a reference Award or AMI
bios not modified for/by eMachine, your restore CD won't
work.  On the other hand IF there were a board with a
manipulated bios such that it claimed to be the eMachines
board in question, it wouldn't even matter if it were KM133A
for the purposes of the software restoration- though booting
the OS afterwards may still be the issue.

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Well I'd be extremely concerned about dealing with
Comp-recycle as it's not too often a reseller gets as low as
0.11 lifetime rating at;
That's incredibly bad.

I couldn't even get the picture of the motherboard to load,
do you have a good picture of it?  I'm wondering if it might
be similar, maybe even same as a retail board from (maybe
MSI?) and if so, there's a fair chance you could flash the
eMachines bios onto it, maybe... though the risk in doing so
is higher if the bios EEPROM is soldered onto the board
rather than socketed.

You might head over to MSI's website and see if you can
identify the motherboard, or maybe through Google Images.
I don't recall, but do you have the old board on hand and it
had failed?    If so, are you certain it's the board rather
than the power supply?

Anyway if you have the board and can link to a fair picture
of it then someone might be able to identify it's origin.
If it's an MSI board, there might be a code on it like
"MS-6390", which "might" be right under the AGP slot, or if
it's lacking an AGP slot, under the general area where there
would've been one, or between the next PCI slots.

Not too long ago I had an MSI board from roughly the same
era fail from bad capacitors, believe they were green w/gold
striped GSC brand.  I ended up repairing it, works well
again.  If that's your problem you might look into replacing
the caps.

Re: Santa Fe KM Motherboard for eMachine T1400 Computer

Wow, I read up on they are horrible, I'm glad I didn't
send them any money. Anyway I have checked other places for the exact
motherboard. Someone has one on eBay right now for $119.00 and on the
eMachine website they are asking for $149.00 for the exact replacement
motherboard. That is too much money for this project.

The eMachine motherboard was made by a company named Trigem and the
model is Santa Fe KM and it has the KM 133a chipset. Here is a link to
the eMachine site that has a picture of it.

This page describes the parts in detail, Select T1400 for the Model

I checked MSI and looked around for boards that are in my price range
that will fit with not much luck. But I did find a Gigabyte GA-7ZMMH
micro ATX motherboard with a AMD Duron 750 CPU on it on eBay. Cost just
$23.55 and it stated it was tested and working well hooked to a
harddrive with XP on it.

Here is a link to a picture of an Gigabyte GA-7ZMMH micro ATX

Here is a page with some detailed specs of it.

I don't know very much about AMD processors.
What processor is the better of the two?
The Athlon XP 1600+ that is on the Santa Fe KM Motherboard or the Duron
750 that is on the Gigabyte GA-7ZMMH  ?  Which one is better or what one
would you use?

After I get that old motherboard out of the computer, I am going to take
a look at the capacitors. The power supply works, the fan still turns in
it. The cpu fan on the motherboard still turns also. The computer is
just dead with no pic or sound or bootup. A computer shop looked at it
and said it was the motherboard.

kony wrote:

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Re: Santa Fe KM Motherboard for eMachine T1400 Computer

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 12:44:01 -0600, C Miller

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Looks like a fairly basic all-in-one board, though at least
with a PCI modem rather than one using an AMR slot so it
could be reused on another board too.

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XP1600 is MUCH faster than a Duron 750.  I would keep
looking before settling for a Duron 750, unless this system
is to be retired into a use where it wouldn't matter like a

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Fan working may not necessarily be a sign the power supply
is ok.  Ideally you would try the system with a different
power supply swapped in, as eMachines are fairly well known
for PSU failure.  However, if the caps on the motherboard
are vented, it is an obvious sign of a problem needing
corrected, or of course the whole board replaced.

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It a perfect world it would be good to trust the shop, but
some shops jump to conclusions rather arbitrarily and
without detail of exactly what steps they took, it's hard to
trust their answer, unless again there was obvious problem
like the capacitors.

I suppose I'd consider that board from ebay, except
preferribly not from ebay, a bit of a risk.  You might check
Gigabyte's website to see what the fastest processor is it
supports, possibly you can just put the Athlon XP1600 in
this new board IF you get it, and if that's expected to work
you might ask seller if he'll refund a bit of the cost if he
keeps the CPU.

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