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i have a netgear dg834g

i am currently suffering from dropped connections every now and again i have
spoken to them about it. the problem started when i got my line upgraded
from 1mb to 8mb, they said that there was going to be instances where the
connection dropped, so i let it carry on until 10 days had passed

now being over two weeks ago, it is still happening, i told me isp, pipex,
what was happening they told me to logon using a bt test site, with a bt
test username for the login to that particular site, now i have noticed in
my logs from the router that the dates sometimes appears to be in the year
2002, then when it successfully logs on to the net it comes back to 2006, is
the router faulty?

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On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 09:25:01 -0000, "Squibbly"

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The date does not matter, it merely means the router has not
picked up the date nor had you set it manually.  It'll work
fine with the wrong date, you'll merely have logs (generated
and kept by the router) with the wrong dates on them.  Year
isn't as significant as month, month not as significant as
day, or time of day for the user's purposes of interpreting
the logs.

Can you log into or (if not password protected) access the
modem HTTP (browser) interface?  Often that's on IP address /

If you can access this page and your modem has a status
page, you can see whether the connection was dropped between
your modem and the ISP, which is more likely than that the
router is crashing... though it's still possible,
particuarly if you had it in a location where it wasn't
getting good passive ventilation as modern consumer routers
tend to run passively and on the warm side.

Re: router help

A similar problem occured with my router when Comcast upgraded the line from
3 Mbps to 6 Mbps.  It took a while to solve the problem, but it turned out
that my Linksys router needed a firmware update in order to handle the
higher speed, DESPITE the fact that it was already rated as a 10/100 Mbps
router.  You may need either a firmware update OR  a newer version router. I
would recommend getting a Linksys (Cisco owned).


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Re: router help

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ok, but i already had a firmware update, during my recent log in problems,
the isp didnt even bother telling me that i needed to change that part of
the log in process, so i went the whole night without internet access,
phoning me bruv to get the isp number etc.....

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