REQ: info on very screwed system that needs help due to failed drive copy

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Now, I have built about 20-25 boxes for myself and friends but I need
someone to help with SOFTWARE export to new hard drive which I will
properly format and re-install WinXP sp2 this time.

The hopefully short enough version for you to read and digest is that
a 40gb MAxtor was failing. I purchased a 250gb Seagate that Best Buy
said would copy the OS and other data from the 40gb if I purchased it
there and I could wait for it. Very convenient and easy I thought.

Well, it seems he (manager even of the Geeks) bit off more than he
could chew and I found him wandering the aisles looking for a software
solution (which I myself  possess) to accomplish the afforementioned
task. I was under the impression he would use their hardware drive
copy/clone. Then when he came up empty he said 14 days and to leave
it. Well, I almost left it embedded in his noggin after the run around
and lie and the waste of my time pulling the 40gb out which would have
put the machine out of service for a lengthy time. I had already
purchased the 250gb so I figured I would just use Seagates utility to
do it and be done with it as I had a day off with nobody home to
distract me.

Well it failed and believe it or not, I have the OS booting from the
250gb labeled and recognized as the D drive as it is jumpered and
placed in the SLAVE position on the IDE cable and the 40gb is the C

Yeah I know this sounds bad at the least and impossible additionally.

It says the D drive is "page file", but, Win XP Pro is residing there
and the 40gb.

What I am now going to do is copy all my data to my raid set up and do
it right but this thing has been up so long I am at a loss as to which
files I need to export in order to save all my internet settings as
over time I have lost/forgotten passwords to 8 different e-mail addys.
I do have another almost identical box (and 2 others on my home
network) setup so won't need to hurry, I just want to do it correctly
with the least amount of fuss and irritation.

So, if any of you fine folks would care to advise the knucklehead here
in Minneapolis of the easiest way to move/save/copy the personal files
to import after the new OS install I would appreciate it greatly.


Roscoe aka MrShade

I am a procrastinator and the 40gb that was failing is still chugging
along after 9 monthes..................I should have left it and just
bulit a new computer

Knowledge is like money, the less you talk about it
the more people assume you have.

Re: REQ: info on very screwed system that needs help due to failed drive copy

Jan 2008

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*If* I understand you correctly, the c-drive was properly copied
to the d-drive *and* the system now boots from the d-drive.

I've only done a couple of xp installs.  It seems to me that if
you look at the boot.ini on both drives you will see how to
change them, or at least the one on the d-drive, before simply
swapping the drives.  The system will then boot from the 250 gig

If this isn't a correct understanding, then there is an xp
utility for copying the settings from one xp install to another:
Files & Transfer Wizard under the accessories|system menu.

Hope this helps.

Be well,


Re: REQ: info on very screwed system that needs help due to failed drive copy

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Have you considered downloading the full working copy of Acronis True Image
(will work free for 15 days) and cloning the 40 gb drive to the new 250 Gb
   I've been using this utility for a few years and it seems to consistantly
do the job.
IMHO it would also be adviseable to back up your data files. /

Jan Alter

Re: REQ: info on very screwed system that needs help due to failed drive copy

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You should have used Norton Ghost and ghosted the image of the 40 GB
to the new 250 Gb drive. Then removed the 40 GB drive and Make the 250
the Primary Master and the 40 GB the Slave and it would have booted
from the new drive. You can still do this by formatting the 250 and
starting again. If your happy with the new image on the 250 then use
File & Transfer Wizard.

Re: REQ: info on very screwed system that needs help due to failed drive copy

On Jan 8, 4:07=A0pm, wrote:
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It also sounds like something that PartitionMagic handles. Or the
utilities that come with a "boxed harddrive" or are downloadable form
the mfg website.  I would trust the hard drive manufacturer more than
an XP/Vista gizzard.

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