replacing grahics card

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The time has come to start upgrading PC.

reason being is that i want to buy medal honor airboune which states that it


"DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 128 MB or more memory, Pixel Shader

3.0 support, and one of these chipsets is required:

a.. ATI Radeon X1300 Pro or greater"

I currently have a ATI radeon 9800se all in wonder and hence i need to

replace graphics card.

i currently have an asus a7n8x-e motherboard with 2gb of memory and 3000Ghz


Now the motherboard does not have a pci-express port so what i am hoping is

that i can get a AGP card to replace all in wonder.

However there seems to be a bewildering array of cards out there.

Can anyone recommend a replacement AGP card (x1600 or higher) for less than



Steve fisher

Re: replacing grahics card

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I don't know about the UK, but there are a good number of X1650, 1900, and 1950
cards available.  The best performer would be the X1950 Pro, which can be found
in the US for $140-220
( ).
While 512MB models are available, I have a 256MB version that works fine for my

I don't think brand matters much in this regime, so look for price and
individual specs.

Re: replacing grahics card

"John Weiss" <jrweiss98155nospamatnospamcomcastdotnospamnet> wrote in
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( ).
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for 58

Better is
for 106

Nvidia for your budget For 75
Has shader 3.0 but you need to check bench marks etc for which is best.


Re: replacing grahics card

On Tue, 18 Sep 2007 20:16:33 GMT, "Stephen Fisher"

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You might have a 3000+ CPU, but that's only a 2GHz
processor.  Nothing socket A (A7N8X-e) goes to 3GHz except
maybe with liquid nitrogen cooling for extreme overclocking.

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What PSU are you using?  Many higher end modern cards use
significantly more power, meaning the budget could have to
include buying a new psu.  That won't be cheap for your
system because A7N8X uses 5V current for CPU VRM power,
meaning one of the modern 500W PSU with a mere 130W of
combined 3V+5V power just won't cut it.

I have no idea what cards cost in your market, but an X1600
seems about right, or nVidia 7600GT (or 7600GS if GT is too
expensive), or if the budget can get a 7900 or an ATI 1900
or 1950 series, even better (though these latter do use more
power, the 7600GS and GT are the most energy efficient of
the bunch).

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