Replaced MB and now I get NOTHING when powering up! Please help!

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My old ASUS MB started to wack out (flashing the BIOS fixed the
problem temporarily...)  Anyway, I switched out the old ASUS MB with a
new ASUS P4S8X-MX so I could reuse my P4 2.4 chip and the existing
DDR.  This computer is used for business so it has video built in to
the MB (no need for a speed-deamon Vid-card) as well as LAN and Audio
and USB etc so there really isn't a lot to go wrong.  Both power cords
from the power supply are plugged into the MB (the conventional one
plus that square, 4-prong job).  But when I hit the on switch I get
absolutely NOTHING on the monitor!  I can hear the computer powering
on but I don't even get a BIOS screen - absolutely nothing....

One think I must say is that when I was taking the old chip out of the
old MB, it stuck to the heat-sink and pulled out without me un-doing
the lever lock that holds it in place.  I examined the chip and it
seemed to have all the prongs and there was nothing left in the holes
in the old MB so I'm worried that this may be the problem.  The thing
is, shouldn't I get to the BIOS screen even if the CPU chip is
damaged?  Or I should get some sort of error message or beeping,
shouldn't I?  

What would cause a blank screen from the start?

I was very carefull installing and used a static strap (as well as
constantly groundign myself to the metal case).  Is the only
possibility a dead on arrival MB or could it be something else?  

Thanks for any suggestions!!!!!!!!


Re: Replaced MB and now I get NOTHING when powering up! Please help!

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Removing a chip without opening the socket lever is not good!
You might have all the pins on the old CPU, but how about scraping damage to
the socket?

Another possibillity could be you are shorting out on the new MB somewhere.
Did you count the new MB`s mount points and make sure they alligned up with
the case mount points?

Make sure to reseat your DIMM`s just to be sure thats not the problem.

Do you have the Heatsink fan plugged into the MB ? Some MB`s will refuse to
start if there is no heatsink/cpu fan plugged in!~

That`s about all I can think of right now, but I know what your going
Hopefully it will all work out for you, and it will be something minor.


Re: Replaced MB and now I get NOTHING when powering up! Please help!


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Check to be sure there is no insulating plastic behind the
battery (keeps it fresher).  It's less common there would be
one these days but worth the few seconds to check.  Also
check that the clear cmos jumper is in the correct position.

Are you SURE it was your old board that flaked out or is it
possible you had another misdiagnosed (or concurrent)
problem like a failing power supply?

When all else fails, double-check for any board jumpers (if
present, often there aren't these days but Asus may put a
few on a board just for sport.  Also clear the CMOS, always
try that first when a board won't post.  

Re-examing the cables, memory, etc, and if everything looked
ok, strip system down to bare essentials (may be near that
already but...) having only CPU, heatsink/fan, 1 memory
module plugged in.  Disconnect all drives, keyboard, mouse,
USB devices, etc from both motherboard and power supply.
THEN plug PSU back in and try it.  If you have a multimeter
handy, take PSU voltage readings.  If you had a 2nd viable
PSU handy I might also suggest trying that.

If still no luck, pull the board out and try it on a
non-conductive surface- not on anti-static mat or packaging
material.  With the board out, note the motherboard
standoffs in the case- possibly you left one in that the old
board used but the new one is shorting out on?

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Doubtful, the pins are on pretty good but once they loosen
even a little bit they come right off.  In other words, if
the pins all look like they're on good, odds are high they
are fine.

For future reference, if there's no other way to heat up the
heatsink-cpu interface so it's melty-soft and will allow
separating the two parts, put a hair-dryer blowing into the
sink, with fan removed... let it get nice and hot, it's
going to be very hard to get it TOO hot, so heat it a good
minute or so and twist side-to-side on the sink gently till
it becomes ever-more-free.

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Depends on the board and the problem, but no, if the CPU
were damaged you might get nothing, and with a pin pulled
off you might easily get no bios screen if the pin was
essential for the CPU to function.  The bios initialization
is completely dependant on the CPU working.

However, I doubt that pulling the CPU out is the problem if
it has all pins as mentioned previously.

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"Tis the most common problem, failure to post can be caused
by any one of several interdependant subsystems.  Might even
be a dead (or being new, defective) battery though it's
another thing you might check with a multimeter.

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What's the history of the new board?

What's the history of the prior failed-board diagnosis?
I'd try the things suggested above, but if you're SURE your
power supply is ok then odds shift to the board being a
problem.  Are you certain this board supports the CPU?

Re: Replaced MB and now I get NOTHING when powering up! Please help!

Zap writes:

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It doesn't sound favorable, although if the pins are well anchored in
the package, I'd expect that the chip wasn't damaged unless there was
visible damage to the package.  Shock or something could have shaken
connections loose internally, though.

You must have pulled really hard if you managed to yank the CPU out
without even releasing the lock on the socket!

You will probably get nothing at all if the CPU is damaged, as the CPU
is required to run both the BIOS and to produce error messages.  If
the damage is minor the system might come up to some extent, unless
and until it hits something that uses the damaged part of the CPU.
But in the case of gross damage to the CPU I'd expect the machine to
do nothing at all: no BIOS, no POST, nothing, just fan and disk

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The part about the CPU coming out worries me.

Transpose mxsmanic and gmail to reach me by e-mail.

Re: Replaced MB and now I get NOTHING when powering up! Please help!

It might be something as simple as not having the graphics card seated
properly. This happened to me on a recent build and I had to yank the card
and reinstall it 3 times due to the crappy retaining catch on the socket.
When a CPU is pulled out like you describe it often has some slightly bent
pins on the outer edges. This can sometimes be rectified by very carefully
inserting the CPU in the socket. If there is any resistance and force is
used the pins will be bent flat beyond repair.
I hope your problem is the first one with the graphics card..
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