Regedit question - Help me change my Home Page at work and put it to the man!

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Where I work the computer run Win XP and IE opens up at the company's
home page.  Nice to think about but not helpful in doing my job.  
I would like to change the start page but I can't do it the normal way
in IE because I don't have access to the function of making a site my
home page.

So I run regedit and I find all the place where the company's start
page is and I change it to what I want.  There is one place in regedit
under POLICYS that I don't have access to change.
When I reboot & restart IE still shows the company's home page.

I changed it once without going into policys but I think when the
computer was updated or something was changed, it went back to the
Company's home  page.

Can I change the home page w/o messing with the Policy settings in

Also, where I changed the company's home page to my desired home page.

......local ..... (i think this is the
there was both a Main:   and a   Default:   showing the company's home
page.   I changed the Main to the desired home page with no luck.  Do
I need to change both?  Should I delete the DEFAULT:Company Home Page

Any advice is appreciated.
The Company will not willingly let me change the page so asking them
if it is set up that way because most of the people using the
computers couldn't find the Co.'s home page any other way.

I also share this computer with 2 other shifts so I can't damage it.

I followed the instructions at HOW TO GEEK with no luck.



Re: Regedit question - Help me change my Home Page at work and put it to the man!

On Tue, 11 Aug 2009 11:41:31 -0400, wrote:

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Then they deliberately disabled the function and you should
not try to change it!

There is an easy solution.  You don't need to change the
browser homepage, just make a shortcut wherever you
generally move your mouse to, to launch IE, that points to
your preferred website.

For example if you wanted Google as your homepage just make
a shortcut to

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They may reimage the system periodically, or they are aware
you are changing things you aren't supposed to.  Often
people get warned, and eventually fired if they keep it up,
for deliberately trying to get around security policies.

You should ask your IT dept about the possiblity of being
allowed to have a different homepage and only change it with
their permission and aid.

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That is an incomplete sentence, but what it seems to mean is
that for the convenience of all  you will have to manually
browse to or set your own shortcut for a homepage as a link.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It would be excessive to have to hack windows twice a day
every day to change the homepage then change it back for the
next shift, and eventually you would forget to do it and be

If making your own shortcut does not work then they probably
have domain restrictions in place and hacking to point to
the same domain would just result in a page that won't load.

There may be other options, it depends on the policies (I
mean IT policies not windows/registry) they have set, what
you're allowed to do.  One thing you can be sure of though
is that they have set the homepage and disabled changing it
because that is how they insist you use the system.  I can
sympathize with your not liking it but if we all liked work
then would they have to pay us to do it?

Re: Regedit question - Help me change my Home Page at work and put it to the man!

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That is true enough.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I consider myself to be somewhat computer literate.
Then this.  What the hell kind of answer is that?
No seriously, I must be some kind of dumb to overlook such a simple
answer!   Here I am trying to build a better fence and you tell me to
just close the gate.

I know how to do what you suggest, but it just never occured to me.
Thanks for the perfect solution.
It solves the problem on several levels.

Thanks for an answer.


Attn K O N Y kony Re: Regedit question - Help me change my Home Page at work and put it to the man!

I would again like to thank you for you simple solution.

I avoid doing anything questionable and it works well and is quick and

If I should ever be of any assistance to you, just let  me know.


Re: Attn K O N Y kony Re: Regedit question - Help me change my Home Page at work and put it to the man!

On Sun, 30 Aug 2009 10:10:41 -0400, wrote:

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You're welcome.

Re: Regedit question - Help me change my Home Page at work and put it to the man! wrote:

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Yeah, put it to the man.  Quit and show him that you won't put up with
that crap.  Let someone else get your job and pay.  Let them suffer oh
so egregiously.  Yeah, you "go" girl.  (eee-hee-hee-hee)

Everytime you login, the company's policies get pushed onto your host,
or they can push them at-will.  So no matter how you change them (if you
could), they'll step atop of whatever you put in the registry before.

It is unlikely that they will define a unique set of policies to push at
only a few hosts, like yours.  If you are not registered as a local
admin for your own host when logging onto their domain, you can ask them
to put you into their Local Administrators user group.  That will give
you admin privileges on only your own host, and that means you can use
regedit to change their policies after you login.  In that case, you can
create a .reg file that you load on login to undo their policies.
Loading this special .reg file would be only under your Windows account
for its startup items, so you wouldn't be affecting other users of the
same host that have their own separate logins.

You better ask them first if it is okay to undo their policies.
Sometimes they don't care.  Sometimes they do.  For example, they might
want to ensure all their employees visit the company's home page to
ensure all of them see a critical company-wide alert rather than rely
only on e-mail notification.  Even after you find out how to thwart
their policies, get it in an e-mail reply that you keep where they give
you permission to undo that particular set of policies.

Don't know what instructions you followed at /
since you didn't give a URL to their article.  Besides, it appears that
you do not have local admin privileges for your host so nothing you do
in the registry is going to override their policies.  You'll need to
contact the IT folks to get you moved into a different users group in
their domain that has more rights on your host.

Re: Regedit question - Help me change my Home Page at work and put it to the man! says...

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It is not your computer. You do not have the right.

Doing this or even being caught attempting it is likely to see you get

I only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't
looking good either. - Scott Adams

Re: Regedit question - Help me change my Home Page at work and put it to the man!

Well it is and it didn't.

Oh my?  What did I do?
Regedit?  Yes, I tried to re gedit several times when my work got
deleted.  But I couldn't find it in the Re Getit no matter how hard I
tried.  Sorry.  .......................... CASE CLOSED JOB KEPT.
You may laugh, but it works.  Doesn't hurt to be FM either, those poor
poor IT guys.

Serious though, I appreciate you answering my question though I
generally dislike this kind of reponse.

I do realize that it is not my machine.  I don't really need someone
to tell me that.

And why would doing this or attempting it likely see me fired?
You strike me as and IT type person and though my general nature
towards your response it to be much less then friendly, I can tell
that you have a good bit of computer knowledge.
So why not loosen up and share some of it and let the people who ask
worry about the consequences.  As  long as you don't tell them how to
make a bomb or virus, you should be able to live with your self right?

Again, I am trying hard not to be nasty so please excuse me if I come
across that way.


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