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My computer has been acting up a bit for several months, slow to boot and
shut down, sluggish overall, Outlook errors and shutdowns, strange error
messages from time to time, etc.  It has been almost 3 years since I
reformated, and I was wondering whether I ought to bite the bullet and do
that, or whether it's worth taking a chance that a $30 or so registry
cleaner would solve the problems.

Any thoughts?



Re: Reformat or Reg Clean

"Jack Bruss" wrote:
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    How old is the hard drive?  Does it run hot?  Mebbe I/O
    errors have it doing Programmed I/O (slow) instead of
    Direct Memorty Access (fast).

    As for cleaning out the ol' PC, check the C:\WINDOWS
    folder for uninstall files left from Windows updates.  If
    it has been a couple months since the last update and
    you're satisfied that the update isn't problematical, you
    can delete the $NtUninstallKBxxxxx file(s).  Similarly in
    the C:\WINDOWS\System32 folder, delete the .tmp and
    .log files.  If they're needed for some application, the app
    will recreate them.  I recovered more than a gig of space
    recently by doing that, and the apps seemed a bit more


Re: Reformat or Reg Clean

On Sat, 04 Nov 2006 14:49:39 GMT, "Jack Bruss"

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Scan the system for viri, spyware, etc.

Check the memory with memtest86+

Open  system and inspect fans, that they're spinning and
free of excessive dust buildup.

Inspect cards, cables, motherboard capacitors for signs of

What version of windows?  Check Event Viewer for any
seemingly related error messages.

Gennerally a reformat is not needed every 3 years, but if
something has done a lot of damage to windows- more than can
be repaired, then it might be reasonable.  If you have a
backup prior to the point in time when these problems
surfaced, restore that backup.  If you don't have a backup
from that point in time I suggest making one after you have
done a clean install and set up the system the way you want
it, "IF" the reinstall is necessary.

Registry cleaners should not be needed, and it is doubtful
one would help.

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