recommendations for a homeBuilt p4-based pc

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want to build a pc (not for gaming) sort of mid-range and would GREATLY
appreciate any recommendations!
i HAD considered either the asus p2ad2-e or abit fatal1ty boards however
don't think that the ability to support the 1066 mhz fsb is so essential
(now) perhaps i am wrong?
(also these require the ddr2 and i have heard mixed "review" (opinions))

i don't oc... my "fastest" pc right now is a p3 (600 mhz)
i would be very grateful for suggestions for a motherboard to start with


Re: recommendations for a homeBuilt p4-based pc

If I'm correct and you mean P5AD2-E, that's the newest and one of the
fastest P4 boards out there. The DDR2 ram is expensive too. Both Asus and
Abit make excellent boards and you'll be happy with either,but if you want
to save some money and still have a perfectly fast board, fine for gaming,
the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe is a proven reliable choice
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Re: recommendations for a homeBuilt p4-based pc

thanks very much for the reply!
(i *was* looking at the P5AD2-E -- but as you mention they are expensive as
well as the ddr2, video card and the cpus with 1066 mhz fsb are too expensive
for now.)
i looked at the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe (thanks) and also found this one:
(asus "P5GDC-V Deluxe") -- i read some reviews which were very favorable. (and
it can  support ddr OR ddr2 (when it becomes affordable)

i'm on the right track now :)
thank you again for the suggestion!

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