recommend a microATX CPU cooler?

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Any recommendations for a socket775 CPU cooler to fit in a microATX
case? Here's the case, a InWin BT611:

The cpu is a CeleronD 3.2 GHz in this mobo:

Recommend any low profile AGP video cards?

Re: recommend a microATX CPU cooler? wrote:
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What you need to do, is measure the clearance from the motherboard, to the
cover on the case. Inwin doesn't have any detailed enough pictures there,
to show if there is any structure over the CPU area. Some cases have
ducting, or sometimes, a stiffener bar, which gets in the way of
a heatsink/fan assembly.

It could be, that Inwin has designed the case to work with a
retail Intel heatsink fan. In which case you don't have to do
any work - just fit the thing that comes with your retail
boxed Celeron processor.

If instead, they did a lousy job mechanically, then you'll need
to measure the dimensions. There are third party heatsinks
for jobs like this. You could find a copper 1U cooler, intended
for server applications. Which will be noisy, but the height will
be very small. This example, is a bit bigger, but at
least this cooler has some dimensions at the bottom of the
page, to help you figure out whether it would fit or not.
The fan bolted to the top of the heatsink, would add 25mm
to the height. Total height would be close to 3 inches.

As for video card, there are 28 AGP cards with "low profile" listed
here. But very few of them, seem to include a replacement
faceplate, to fit a lower profile case.

This picture shows a low profile faceplate, included in a package.
If the video card doesn't include one, you may have problems fitting it.
(Bracket is on the right and is hard to see.)

This card looks nice, but there is no included low profile faceplate.
Maybe some bending/drilling can fix that. At this price, I wouldn't
worry about the warranty. Buy two if you are a worrier.

eVGA 128-A8-N303-L2 GeForce FX5200 128MB 64-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Low Profile


Re: recommend a microATX CPU cooler?

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Problem is I don't have the case yet. Hoping Santa brings it.
Meanwhile I wanted a cooler to fire up the mobo/cpu, check out the
BIOS ... Guess I'll get a cheap one for now.

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Thats a real good page for that cooler, I the cooler Googling, but
that page was ral good. I think it sold me on that one.

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yea, but I don't know how good they are. From what I've seen GeForce
FX5500 seems to be rated high, but this picture doesn't look like a
low profile bracket, does it?:
This one is not as good (64MB vs 128 MB), but definetly low profile:

But I'm not game playing on this machine, strickly programming: new
Windows Vista, DirectX9, all the new stuff I wouldn't dare put on a
family machine.

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Thanks, I've built 3 PCs before, but this is my first microATX. My
last one is a screamer, this one is for small footprint.

Re: recommend a microATX CPU cooler? wrote:
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The height dimension of the BT-611 case, is listed as 3.6" . If
I grab a regular sized card here, and measure with a ruler, the
faceplate of a regular card is 4.75" high. With the low profile
video cards, you have to remove the regular sized faceplate, and
install a low profile faceplate in its place.

The faceplate is necessary, as the faceplate screw helps hold the
card in the slot. If there is some other mechanism in the case, to
hold the card in place, then you could dispense with the faceplate
entirely. But it is more likely you still need a faceplate, so the
screw inside the case, can help hold the video card in place.

If the video card you purchase, doesn't have a faceplate, you'll
have to find one somewhere, one with the holes to match the video
card connectors. That is not as easy as it sounds.

Also, the cards that have the VGA connector on the end of a
ribbon cable - you lose access to the VGA connector, when the
low profile faceplate is installed. The DVI-I connector that
remains, needs a DVI-I to VGA adapter, if you want to plug
in a VGA monitor. The adapter should come in the box, as
otherwise you'll pay too much for it.

If you were to get an LGA775 motherboard, with a PCI Express
video slot, instead of AGP, you would have more selection
of potential video cards. Due to AGP being a dead end, you
cannot expect a good selection of cards. They seem to be
cheap, but are missing the necessary bits to make them

Take this PCI Express video card, for example.

JATON PX7300GS-256 GeForce 7300GS 256MB GDDR2 PCI Express x16
Low Profile Video Card with L-P Bracket - Retail $60

That card comes with two brackets. You install the card and
one bracket in one slot. The second bracket screws to the
adjacent slot. By means of the ribbon cable on the VGA card,
the VGA connector is what mounts on the second slot cover. That
means, if the Jaton card is used in a low profile case, you
get to use all the connectors. But it takes the AGP slot,
plus the adjacent slot, to make room for the two faceplates.

The Jaton package also includes a DVI-I to VGA adapter plug,
so you can plug two VGA monitors into your 7300GS low profile.

So that package is an example of a well provisioned package.
Everything you need is there. And the core clock on the card
is high, which means the video engine in the card will give
good performance. (Video decode performance is important
if the card was being used in an HTPC. The video engine
doesn't remove all processor overhead, but it does help
a bit. For movies and the like.)

So, if this was my machine, I'd be looking for a cheap
LGA775 motherboard, with PCI Express video. For the
other slots, at this point in time, it would be best
if the balance of the slots were PCI.

(A cheap LGA775 motherboard, with a PCI Express slot for video.
Looks like two DDR memory slots and two DDR2 memory slots.)


Re: recommend a microATX CPU cooler?

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Thanks, I bought this video card with bracket:

I already bought the mobo/cpu, it was a deal i couldn't rsist; no PCI
express slot.

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