Random reboots under Windows x64, HELP.

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I own an Athlon x2 processor (4400+) and I'm currently running Windows
XP Pro sp1 x64.

My system specs are as follows:

Asus A8n32-SLI Deluxe MB
Asus EN7800GTX Nvidia 256 Mb video card
4 x 512 mb PC4000 OCZ Gold Rev. 2 Ram
250Gb WD 16 Mb SATA2 HDD
500 watt Antec Fanless power supply
creative x-Fi sound blaster Xtreme Music Sound card

plus all the usual peripherals etc..

I have a problem with my ssytem that is driving me insane and I wonder
if anyone here can help me.

My problem is as follows:  My system randomly reboots itself with out
any warning.  The reboot are sometimes completely random, as in I'm not
using any software and the computer is just idle and other times tne
reboots occur when I using anything from MS Office to playing a game.
I've scanned my system for viruses and found nothing, I've useed a
bunch of anti spyware programs and deleted anything those programs
found, but still the reboots occur.  What's going on????  My ssytem is
relatively new and this is driving me crazy.  I've intalled all the 64
bit compatible drivers I can find for my hardware and ther doesnt seem
to be a problem so what gives.  Sometimes i get an error in windows
after the reboot that a serious problem occured and that it was
potentialy hardware related.  Could it be, if anyone has a clue or
wants to help me out please go ahead.

Re: Random reboots under Windows x64, HELP.

Windows x64 is a remarkably unstable product, and is known to have serious
problems with many of the so-called "drivers" that have been written for it.


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Re: Random reboots under Windows x64, HELP.


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In addition to the drivers, I'd also be sure and check out your temps.
Are you over-clocking? That has been mentioned as a definite cause of
random re-boots. Have you tightened up the memory timing? Perhaps
increased or decreased a voltage to one part of your system or

Do you have a utility to monitor these power parameters? I have a very
similar system to yourself, but the board is an Abit sli, with a X2

If all is well, and your temps under full load do not exceed 52C, then
here's what I'd do to troubleshoot it.

1) Get a baseline for how often it's reb0oting. Specifically, how long
does it usually run before it reboots? You have a system error log
that you can access through control panel, administrative tools iirc.
The more often it reboots, the easier it will be to nail the problem

2) Check all your power and temp parameters. If you don't have a
utility to tell you what they are, use the BIOS, it should do it.

3) Take out all the boards and memory chips, and blow out the board,
especially the memory slots and PCI slots, with compressed air.

For your last shot at this, turn the cpu box upside down, and blow it
out that way. This let's any crap really fall out and down, away from
the board.

Be very careful about static build up. Touch a water faucet or other
metal grounding object frequently, as you work through handling these
boards, and moving around. (especially if you walk out of the room and
back!!). Or wear an anti-static wrist band.

3A) With all the boards out, check the mobo standoffs. Make sure that
you have a screw going through to each standoff, OR that you have
removed said standoff, if you don't have a hole in the mobo, for it.
Extra standoff's can cause erratic grounding, and problems.

4) Leaving half the memory chips, and the sound card, out of the
motherboard for now. Reassemble the boards.

5) Fire up the computer, with safe mode. We just want to see it
continue running, well past the time that it normally would have
rebooted itself.

This may mean having it run over-night, or even a couple of days and a
couple of nights. Whatever it takes, leave it run until you KNOW it's
good, or you know it's NOT, at this point.

6) If it still reboots, then I'd guess it's a hardware problem.
Possibly a memory module. Take out the half that are in the mobo now,
and put the other two (half), in the board (in the first 2 slots, of
course), and repeat #5 test.

7) If it fails again, I'd take it in and let the pro's have a turn
with it. You could try another power supply, etc., but I doubt you
have one that's good just laying around the house.

8) If it works w/o rebooting, carefully add the other half of your
memory modules, still with the sound card out, and again, let it boot
up only in safe mode. Will it keep running or reboot, with them in?

If it keeps running, then add your sound card, and again, let it boot
up in safe mode, and see how it does, for a period of time.

If it's good, then try booting it up all the way into Windows. If it
now fails the staying running, test, then you know it's a driver.

(Well, you can be pretty sure at that point, anyway).

The other alternative would be a corrupted install. Go ahead and
upload /update with other drivers, as possible. If that doesn't help
the problem, then I would do a completely fresh install, and then if
it still did it, I would start uninstalling hardware "devices" and
boards from inside Windows, until you find the culprit.

I believe it's a driver problem, and you may want to take this last
step above, and do it first. I tend to troubleshoot from the bottom
up, so I start with hardware and work up. It's not always the easiest
or the fastest, it's just easier for me to not miss anything I don't
have to. YMMV.

Good luck.


p.s. I didn't mention anything about your other peripherals, but the
same systematic testing style applies to them as well. Just add ONE
device and driver for it, at a time, and re-test. Anything COULD be
the problem.

Re: Random reboots under Windows x64, HELP.

Increase your DDR Voltage.....first one...two...then a third time.

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Re: Random reboots under Windows x64, HELP.

Thank you very much for your help.  I'm going to do all of these steps.
 I'm quite busy , but next weekend...i'll have fun digging through
this.  I'm sure the bugger of a problem is one of the more likely
culprits.  All in all, its too bad, as I said to someone beofre, i do
think that this 64 bit platform thing is great, it just needs more time
and ironing out driver wise before being released.  As is i find its
just loaded with bugs that shouldnt be there.

Your advice is sound and Ill take it one step at a time.  wish me luck.


Re: Random reboots under Windows x64, HELP.

bigred wrote:
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Did you happen to install the nForce4 ActiveArmor Firewall? After more
than a year, it's still a POS. You don't have to remove it, just disable
it and turn on Windows Firewall. I don't know about your sound card
driver though.

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