RAM Voltage Selection

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I'm about to build my first computer, probably with an AMD 64 chip on
an ASUS board. I've started looking at RAM options and notice that some
run at 1.7v and others at 2.1-2.2v. I'm not planning on OC'ing. Is the
voltage something I need to worry about when choosing my RAM? Hope this
isn't too dense a question I know nothing about the subject. If it is,
please direct me to where I can learn about this stuff.


Re: RAM Voltage Selection

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If you`re going to get an Asus board, pick the one you`re
interested in, then go to
www.crucial.com and input the board details.
you`ll be told what RAM it uses.


Re: RAM Voltage Selection

Thanks. I've looked at the Crucial site. Can I just note the voltages
and other specs there and apply them to ANY brand I get (Crucial,
Kingston, ADATA, etc)?

I've also looked at the Qualified Vendors List at ASUS but don't know
if I really should stick to those manufacturers or not. The list for
800s is pretty short, although I'm not a power user and will most
likely go with 667s.

Re: RAM Voltage Selection

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It`s a matter of personal preference Dave.
I`ve prefer Gigabyte boards. My existing one,a GA7VAXP
has been a super board, but it`s getting old now.
I keep hoping it`ll last me out, `cos I`m getting old too <g>.

I would`nt assume to make a choice for you, keep looking
and be controlled by your budget.

bw and happy Xmas..OJ

Re: RAM Voltage Selection

On 20 Dec 2006 12:49:17 -0800, "Dave S"

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Given modules with the same speed and timings, choose the
lowest voltage option you have.

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