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Hi Group,

I just bought the GigaByte Motherboard GA-P35-DS3R and some new ram:
2x1GB Kingston KHX8500D2K2/2G. The type is PC2-8500 1066. But The
motherboard only recognize them as PC2-6400 800. I upgraded to the
latest BIOS and the Motherboard should be able to see and use

Is there anything I could do? Anything I am doing wrong?
I'm not an overclocker and have no experience in that. But can I
without any concern change the multiplier in BIOS to so that results
in 1066 instead of 800? I don't want harm my system.

- rick -

Re: RAM recognition

rickbear wrote:
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At least for some "enthusiast" memory products, the SPD on the DIMM
comes with lower speed settings stored in it. That is done for
compatibility reasons - it helps the RAM work with as many motherboards
as possible. It'll start up at DDR2-800, because AFAIK, that is the
top speed approved by JEDEC.

The user is expected to manually set the memory speed and timing information
themselves, in the BIOS. For an enthusiast RAM, there should be a spec
sheet, with a recommended timing (i.e. 5-5-5-15), a recommended speed
(i.e. DDR2-1066), and a suggestion for a max voltage needed to achieve
it (something like 2.2V or whatever they could get away with).

Your datasheet is here. Have fun :-)


You can test with memtest86+ via a bootable floppy or CD, from this site.
The purpose of running memtest86+ first, is to prevent Windows from
being corrupted by bad RAM. Once you've set everything up, and
memtest manages a couple passes with zero errors, then you can
consider booting into Windows again. Note that memtest doesn't
guarantee no problems - one guy I helped had his Windows install
corrupted anyway, even though memtest passed.

http://www.memtest.org (current version memtest86+ is 1.70)

Only use as much voltage as is needed to make it error free. The
memory will run a little cooler, if you don't go crazy with the


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