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Hi Guys,
Just Built a new computer, using an Epox 9NDA3J, having a few problems. One
problem is that I have 2 Gigs of Ram DDR400 hynix inserted, but is shows up
in my computer properties as 2 gigs, yet my system is slow and the windows
information about my computer on tells me I have 16 megs of Ram. Any ideas
how to solve this one please
Regard and Thanks

Re: Ram Problem

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Seems pretty mysterious.  

1) Get a copy of CPUZ ( www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php )
   That will tell you all sorts of stuff about CPU and memory.
   There is a text dump option, and where it says
   "Dump Module #1", there will be a hexidecimal output
   of the contents of the SPD from the DIMM. You can decode
   the contents of the dump table with:


   or post the contents of your dump tables here.

2) You could also read the part numbers off the top of the
   memory chips, and look them up. That might tell you
   how the module was constructed.

The first thing to clear up, is how much memory is
actually being reported. Somehow, 16MB sounds like
too little RAM to boot with.

The reason for the slowness might be revealed when you
look at the CPUZ screens.


Re: Ram Problem

A few basic questions:

1. When your PC posts, does your bios report 2GB ram?

2. Did you install the Nvidia chipset driver for your version of

3. Any Yellow question marks in your Device Manager?

4.  Did you configure your memory settings in CMOS or did you leave the
default settings?  What are the specs on your ram?  CAS level, etc...

When you say your computer properties reports you have 2GB ram, I'm
assuming you mean the properties page you see when you right-click on
My Computer and select Properties from the drop-down menu, right?

Andy M

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