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I have a question about RAM and WinXP. I know that XP has very bad RAM
management (when I say RAM I mean physical RAM), so it uses just a
half (or so) of avaliable RAM. Since I intend to buy over 2 GB of RAM
(I need lots of memory: 3D+video work), I'm not happy about it, but it
wouldn't be such a problem by it self (I can buy as twice as RAM).
However, I heard that XP can (support up to 4GB, but can) use only 2GB
of physical memory (RAM). Now, I intend to buy dual Opteron system.
That means that each procesor has it's own RAM (HyperTransport aside).
If I give each procesor 2 GB of RAM (4GM total), would it work, or
would XP see it as 4 GB?

Another thing; I heard that Win2K has much better RAM management than
XP. Is it true?

Re: RAM issue - on Opteron

xscript wrote:
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Not true...
XP has good RAM managent

Re: RAM issue - on Opteron

On Sat, 26 Mar 2005 08:09:17 -0600, "philo   " <"philo
"@privacy.net> wrote:

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At the very least it doesn't "waste half", though IIRC it is
2GB max per process (not necessarily per processor)   Since
the same process might have muliple threads, and thus both
CPUs doing work for that process, it seems natural that
still there will be the 2GB limit per that process
regardless of having two CPUs, but that the remaining 2GB is
available for OS or another process' use.

Re: RAM issue - on Opteron

kony wrote:

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Right. 2 Gig per process. And since that's 'half' the 4 gig max it sounds
probably that misunderstanding the meaning if it spawned the erroneous
notion that XP 'uses just half, or so, of the RAM'.

Just a guess but the numbers sound suspiciously similar.

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