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I have an ABIT IC7 motherboard with two sticks of 256MB RAM.
The user's manual states that you should have slots one and three the
same, and slots two and four the same.
But it doesn't say that all four should be the same, so what are my
options to increase my RAM?
 Do I have to add two more 256MB sticks or would two 512MB sticks be a
better option?

Thanks for any help


Re: RAM Combination

bluegecko wrote:
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two 256meg sticks would be cheaper...
but if you thought you would want more ram later...
then you should go with two, 512 sticks.

are you using RDRAM? as that generally does have to be used in pairs.
if so...it's quite expensive...so you may want to try ebay

Re: RAM Combination

On 31 Oct 2005 14:26:25 -0800, "bluegecko"

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It means what it says, that you can add whatever you want
but one and three have to be the same, and two and four have
to be the same.  One and three don't have to be the same as
two and four.  That's it, your options are whatever you
choose to do within that limitation.

What's better depends on how much memory you need and
whether the board will be able to run 4 modules stabily.
Personally I wouldn't buy a bunch of 256MB modules these
days as they do limit your max memory possible on that (or
for reuse, on the next system if possible).  Get the 2 x
512MB modules then decide if you need more than 1GB, and
benchmark both ways to determine if there is a performance
penalty for having all 4 slots filled.  

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