Question about HD performance.

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I installed a Promise IDE controller yesterday.  My system is now C:
(system, 80 GB), D: (video capture only, 300 GB) and E: (200 GB,
MP3's, photos, etc.)

All drives are Maxtor Diamondmax.

At first, I put only the E: drive on the promise card.  Transfers from
D: to E: were painfully slow...about 2 MB/sec!

I put the D: drive on the other channel of the Promise card, and I'm
able to move a 350 MB file in <5 seconds.

Now I'm worried that I still have poor performance on my C: drive,
which is still on the mobo (Abit BH7).

I only have 512MB ram, which I plan to double in the coming weeks.
But still, if I have a few apps opened, it takes forever to switch
tasks, with lots of disk activity in the meantime.

And this is on a freshly defragged C: drive, with full and frequent
virus and spyware scans.

Is there something I can check/tweak to get better performance, or do
I just need more ram?

Re: Question about HD performance.

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It sounds like you don't have DMA enabled on your mobo's onboard IDE?
Have you gone into Device Manager and checked the IDE Advanced settings
for each of the channels?


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