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Is this group about homemade hardware or about "fix my pc" kind of

I just found this group by reading this faq: /

So I came here but all I found is IBM related questions... I am

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A Jap would at least have the decency to disembowel itself.

Dont make a mess of the carpet.

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Technically this group is for true homemade hardware - not self
assembled PCs.  However the homemade hardware community got tired
of OT IBM PC posts and as a result created the moderated group
comp.arch.hobbyist to keep the IBM PC posts out.  Nowadays this
group is basically just another IBM PC hardware group.

If you're looking for a homemade hardware, by all means take a look
at comp.arch.hobbyist, but that group is very quiet nowadays.  The
preferred groups these days seem to be comp.arch.embedded for
systems using a commerically available microprocessor or
comp.arch.fpga if you're building one out of gate arrays.

Andrew Smallshaw

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On 29 Sep 2006 03:04:45 -0700,

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Yes, I believe homemade hardware was the original intent.
However, these days there is so much ready-made hardware,
and such a difficut job making modern complex equipment,
that few if anyone (individual rather than companyt) does
it,  at most you might find someone trying to hook up a
microcontroller or something like that.

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When most people have problems with existing equipment,
you'll tend to see most posts addressing this.  It doesn't
stop you from posting whatever you want on-topic though,
about homebuilt hardware (which loosely can also mean,
home-assembled, ready-made parts).

If you have specific needs such as implementation of a
microchip, an electronics newsgroup might be the first place
to look, then after it is designed if you had issues more
applicable to general/generic hardware, a broader group like
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt might apply.

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On 29 Sep 2006 03:04:45 -0700, wrote:

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Both.  Originally, this group was about building hardware.  Stuff like
building circuit boards, robots, hacking existing hardware, that sort
of thing.  However, as time went on, it's become more and more about
"fix my pc" type of questions.  The "homebuilt" bit has become more
along the lines of buying a bunch of ready made pc components and
assembling them together on the kitchen table -- no soldering iron

The "soldering iron required" sort of discussions have mostly moved on
to other groups:


There may be others I'm not aware of.

You can ask both types of questions here, but expect some virtual
blank stares if you go too low level.


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I'm sorry!!  I for one thought this NG was about building your own PC.

To the is a GREAT forum for any and all computer
related questions, especially for the hard core home-built enthusiast.

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