PSU Fan Cable ?

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Hi there,

I've bought a brandnew Enermax Pro82+ 385W power supply unit. It has a
two wire "Fan RPM (FM)"-cable coming out of it and I'm wondering, what
it is for? ( ?

Is that for signaling the psu fan's speed? And where to attach it?
Also brandnew Gigabyte board seems to have no header for that?!

Hints kindly appreciated

Re: PSU Fan Cable ?

Frank wrote:
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I have a fan monitor cable on my current PC. It is two wires and
comes from the PSU. (Happens to have a blue and a black wire, on
pin 1 and pin 3 of the connector.) The signals are an RPM signal
and a ground signal. You connect it to an unused fan header. The
hardware monitor on the motherboard, has to have RPM measuring ability,
to make use of it. The ground signal is not required, and if
they wanted, the cable only really needs one wire. (The power
supply already has lots of ground connections.)

Right now, MBM5 reports my power supply fan is running at 1541 RPM.
If I start a game, the power supply ramps up to maybe 1700 RPM or so.

The purpose of such things, is to detect fan failures, such as a
stuck fan blade.

For a currently supported software that reads out the hardware
monitor, try Speedfan from . MBM5 is no longer


Re: PSU Fan Cable ?

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it's like you said, if I connect that cable to a 3-wire-standard-fan-
header on the mainboard, BIOS signals the RPM of the PSU-fan.


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