Programs wont install on xp properly!

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On quite a few programs i cannot get past the installation screens
in xp such as...

1.Norton Anti virus I cannot click 'next'.
2.Google toolbar I cannot click 'agree'.

can anyone help? ive tried reinstalling windows scripten.exe following a
symantec solution but to no!

had to remove loads of spyware and then this happened

also since the spyware problem im also having an ipc$ error between xp
and 98 if anyone can suggest anything??

ive tried the whole username thing following an internet guide.

Re: Programs wont install on xp properly!

from an alien planet where his/her mother was a universal whore, wrote:
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format reinstall xp from scratch....

regards slayer

Re: Programs wont install on xp properly!

is there any other way round this?? i have quite a heavy printer setup
that would take an age to redo.

anyone else with a solution?

Re: Programs wont install on xp properly!

You could try system restore but that would put the spyware and junk
back on your computer.

You could also try to repair the windows installation by booting from
the windows XP cd, pressing Enter, hitting the F8 key to accept the
EULA and, if it detects your windows installation there should be an
option to attempt to automatically repair the selected installation.
(should be option R).  NOTE: this is NOT the option which mentions the
recovery console in the first screen, that option will only confuse you
unless you know exactly what file is causing the problem and wish to
replace it.

If it doesn't detect the installation or the repair doesn't work, which
it often won't when the problem is with certain critical system files
such as the registry which it won't overwrite, then you're only other
option is probably to do as Slayer suggests and reinstall from scratch.
 If you've got a secondary hard drive it can come in handy for
temporarily storing stuff you don't want to loose between

Paladin Michael

Re: Programs wont install on xp properly!

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 22:42:56 GMT, paranoid-android

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Just a wild guess, but does your user account have admin privileges?
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No idea what that means, but it sounds like you might have some weird
hybrid of OSes there, (result of a duff upgrade?)  which would mean
that you should really do what the Slayer suggests, and go nuclear: ie
reformat, re-install...


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