Processor vs gaming?

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Just curious has anyone had a problem with games requiring a 3Ghz
processor running on any of the less than 3Ghz multicore processors, like
an Intel Core 2 Quad at 2.4Ghz?

IIRC a couple of programs wouldn't install if the CPU wasn't 3Ghz or
better, so would these programs load on a lower speed quad?

Re: Processor vs gaming?


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Normally the game box, website, and installer might check
and inform you of a problem, but a properly designed game
should not refuse to install merely because it cannot
identify or qualify the processor as fast enough.

In other words, when you come upon such a situation you
should demand a patch or refund.  Generally, assuming they
were thinking of the performance of a 3GHz P4, if they have
not made the mistake of preventing it from loading which is
less common, it should work fine.  It is an unusual
situation most people don't encounter in this day and age.

Re: Processor vs gaming?

On Sat, 21 Mar 2009 22:30:29 -0400, kony thoughfully wrote:

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Thanks for the reply.  I was thinking of an older game I installed a year
or so ago.  Can't remember the title but it wouldn't install until I had
a 3Ghz cpu.   I understand newer games working with multi-cores but it
was 2-3y/o game.

Re: Processor vs gaming?

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None at all. They recognise that a modern 2Ghz 64 bit CPU is way faster than
a XP2000+.


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