PRoblems with new system not POST ing

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Ok here it is

GA-8I915pl-G socket 775 mobo
Intel P4 641 3.2Ghz HT 2M 800FSB
Socket 775
WD Caviar 320GB Serial ATA HD 7200/8MB/ATA-150
Leaktek WinFast
PX6600LE 256MB PCIe
NEC ND-3550 Beige 16x DVD Burner in Retail Box
Select 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz
400w PSU

When I power on, the fans (CPU, Case,
VGA) all spin, the hdd seems to
spin, I get power to the floppy (but the green
light stays on
I never hear any beeps, and my DVD-drive will not

I checked all the connections, PSU, and data,   I have tried to
disconnect everything but the VGa and RAM, and same result.  I have
removing the RAM to get some error beeps, but nothing.


Re: PRoblems with new system not POST ing

On Tue, 07 Mar 2006 20:02:40 GMT, no@spam.invalid (loxinthe)

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Are you sure this memory will run ok in that board?  I'd
expect it's "supposed" to, but sometimes, off-brands can be
problematic.  I'd pull one module out for the time being
(assuming you have 2 x 512MB modules).

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Make/model/wattage?  If it's a generic, came-with-case PSU,
it is a primary suspect.  If so, take voltage readings with
a multimeter.  What is the history of the system?  Have any
parts previously tested working in this or anther system?
Are they all new or from dubious sources (like ebay) or used
by you or ... ?

Has this motherboard ever posted, produced output on a
monitor in any config yet?  Try clearing CMOS.

is it in a case?  don't run it on anti-static packaging
If in a case, is it possible there's an unused case standoff
shorting the board out?

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Check the floppy cable- sometimes the light staying on means
the cable is reversed.

Better to just temporarily unplug all non-essential parts
(towards POSTing), leaving only 1 memory module, CPU,
heatsink/fan, and video.  Unplug the case wiring too and use
a metal object to short the power-on pins together.

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Unplug it... leave all items unplugged till the board is
posting then add them back one at a time from most to least

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Everything but the VGA and RAM means you left CPU in or
removed it too?  CPU must be installed.  If you had only
unplugged data, or power cables but not the other, make sure
both are unplugged.  I assume you are using the 4 pin 12V
connector or any other aux. connectors the motherboard might

There are a lot of variables we don't know, including
whether any parts are proven good yet.  If you have
alternative spare parts you could try it might be useful,
such as an old PCI video card.  Clear CMOS again.

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