problems hosting my own website

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I am attempting to host my own website, but have run into several
Due to the limited traffic I receive, I assumed I could use my dsl
connection and win2k server to host my site.

My ISP (verizon) blocks port 80 so my windows http webserver listens on
port 8183
I don't have a specific(static) IP for my website
e-commerce due to the high cost of a security certificate from verisign

my website url is listed as an ip instead of a "alpha" url which I
worry may alarm customers/clients

scripts break since my ip and url do not match (since my ip gets
updated frequently)


I'm using no-ip to host the dns entries for my dot com
thus all queries for my dot com get forwared to which then
forwards them to:

I configured all requests for my alternate web port on my router to be
forwarded specifically to my webserver pc on my local network

I use the masking option @ no-ip to substitute my httP://ip with

I use paypal for all eccommerce transactions.

Are there any good articles/books on doing this? Not just the web
server and web page design aspects, but ISP cost, dns, etc

I want to host my site so I can have the flexibilty of 24/7 access and
choosing my infrastructure and tools etc

Re: problems hosting my own website

On 6 Oct 2005 22:31:08 -0700, "boston_code_monkey"

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Did it occur to you that maybe this is off-topic?
There are really bright folks in the relevant newsgroups
that would tend to be the most help.

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I'm starting to suspect that you might find it worthwhile to
use a regular host, get a domain name, etc.

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Customers?  Yes it would be good to get a 'site or two
hosted by someone, else switch ISPs, or see if your present
ISP offers a plan without port 80 block and fixed IP so you
can use a domain name properly.

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The easy way is to just pick a host with a minimal plan that
suits you, like a shared server for around $7-1 a month.
Some offer discounts if you pre-pay for a year.  They'll
take care of domain name registration and renewal- it
couldn't be easier and you then have online storage and much
higher bandwidth too.  Sure, you could DIY, it's not even
all that expensive with an old box and Linux but all the
little things add up, the hassles and whatnot.

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What is "flexibility of 24/7 access" supposed to mean?
Web hosts don't turn your 'site off at night, and many have
some flexibility in what "tools" you can use providing you
don't usurp more than a certain % of server time if it's a
shared plan.  

Just my 2 cents, that there are good reasons to go with a
regular host.

Re: problems hosting my own website

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I use in combination with URLRedirector.

-- Bob Day

Re: problems hosting my own website

Almost every ISP blocks port 80, and almost every ISP has TOS
restricting --or forbidding-- using your account to host web, FTP (and
many other) services.

Basic services, with ecommerce and scripting support are modestly
priced. An actual domain name and professionally hosted services should
inspire enough confidence in your clientele to be well worth the investment.

There are many many providers of affordable web are three
of the big ones.... / /

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