problem with remote access to my "server"

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so i have a weird situation, maybe...

i just set up a designated computer on my network to run some shared
drives and printer...

it is running fine.  i want to have it hidden, so i set up XP pro on it
so that i can use remote access, which works fine.  the problem is:

i can't get it to play music through it's own speakers when i am using
it remotely, it just plays through the speakers on the computer i am
accessing it WITH.  I have the hidden (server type) machine hooked up
to my stereo and i want to be able to run my itunes from a distance to
my stereo.   the software is running fine, just that the music comes
out of my laptop instead of my stereo...  i thought once i disconnected
from the server machine remotely and left it running it would revert to
its own speakers, but alas...

any ideas?



please reply here or (preferably and really) to my email

Re: problem with remote access to my

Basically you need some remote control prog. All you are doing is
loading any
application or file onto the machine you are at, therefor
it launches from

Re: problem with remote access to my

somehow some appropriate links appeared above my post regarding remote

Clever stuff

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