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We have a P4 1.8ghz on an Intel motherboard and PC Power and Cooling
turbocool 350 power supply. Whever there is a power outpage,
afterwards, the computer fails to power-up. We push the power buttom
on, and nothing, completely dead. When the power goes out again and
comes back, the computer powers on again.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong (power supply,

When it's on, it works just fine.

Thank you,
George B.

Re: Problem with power-up

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Sounds like you live in an area (like I do) that has frequent power outages.
I solved about all my problems by getting a UPS so that if the power does go
out or fluctuate my system stays on long enough for me to finish what I am
doing and power down normally. I really would recommend you getting one. It
sounds like the second outage is resetting something and your system is
going back to normal until the next outage. This can cause you some
permanent damage if it continues. I use an APC XS 1500 and have my main box,
monitor and printer connected and have had no problems at all.


Re: Problem with power-up

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The first power outage is triggering the protection circuitry inside the
power supply.
It will not power on again until the mains input power has been removed from
the supply. ie. unplugged from the wall socket or another power outage
occurs - as you have seen.
As the other post has said, it would probably be a very good idea to get an
UPS if the outages are a regular occurance.


John S.

Re: Problem with power-up


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How long are these outtages, are they multiple seconds or
more like a momentary flicker?  If only a flicker it may not
be enough to completely stop output from the PSU but it's
voltage falls enough to lock up the system logic.  If the
power stays out for more than a few seconds I would doubt
it's the problem Mottley suggested as having it "shut off"
from a protection circuit will just as easily reset from
complete lack of AC power for a few seconds as it would to
later have to unplug it.

However, when the power comes back on that could be
considered another event that may not be clean power, THAT
might be when it's kicking in the protection circuit.

Is there any kind of filtering/conditioning/UPS in front of
it, more that just a simple surge protector strip?

Re: Problem with power-up

There is a more than simple version of APC surge protector before it.
This has happened on my parent's comp which I will only get to see next
week before I can see my own diagnosis.

I will be getting and UPS unit to use with their system for sure, as
power outages seem frequent. The outage I think were a couple of hours,
however, my parents for a fact leave the computers on all the time.

thank you

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