Problem with my scanner - UMAX Astra 2000.

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I have a UMAX Astra 2000 scanner for less than two years now.

Recently, all my scanned images have a vertical green steak line both
on the monitor and in my saved files. The steak which is always
present, is independent of the  image format, and always appears at
the left of my monitor.

I was wondering whether this is a software problem or that my light
source lif-time is expiring (ar another hardware issue?!) .

 I apreciate your advice and help in terms of whether I  Can remedy
the problem?

Thank you.


Re: Problem with my scanner - UMAX Astra 2000.

On Sun, 09 Oct 2005 05:29:19 -0500, Victor benham

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Sounds more like a failure in the sensor array at that
particular position.  Neither software or lamp should
produce this kind of anomoly.

Re: Problem with my scanner - UMAX Astra 2000.

I'm also having the same scanner, which a similar problem....I was
getting vertical yellow steak. I opened it and cleaned the shiny
reflector glass and the lamp with spirit like liquid (don't no what
exactly it was) it's working perfectly. But please don't try to
open your scanner if you are not having on hand experience....removing
the lamp is probably the most difficult task, even a slight pressure
can rupture it.

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