problem with KVM MT-270S switch

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I connected 2 PC using KVM switch - Mac and WinXP. When I start WinXP
and Mac PC - BIOS ask me for a password. I key the password and OS
starts. But after OS start when I key - nothing happens, it looks like
keyboard is not connected.
Do I need any drivers for a KVM switch?



Re: problem with KVM MT-270S switch

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Normally, no, the whole design point of a KVM switch is that your
operating system shouldn't even know that it is there.  There's no
shortage of "crap" KVM switches in the marketplace, and I've never
heard of the MT-270S before your post, so I don't know if it's a good
design or not.

Rick Ekblaw

Re: problem with KVM MT-270S switch


More information is required about the KVM--is it PS/2 or USB?

A USB KVM will probably require drivers (which are probably built into
Windows) before it can work. Windows XP works with USB keyboards and
mice, but the support is a little half-baked. Sometimes the devices
just aren't recognized. I find that if anything can prod it into
working, letting the computer start up and then unplugging the USB
cables and moving them to another port will usually prod Windows into
noticing the new devices.

Of course (grumble, grumble, grumble, mumble) this wouldn't be a
problem if PCs still had PS/2 ports on them all the time. I find it
hard to fault them for being "legacy hardware" when they Just Work and
nearly all LPCIOs still include the logic for them.

It's quite possible that your KVM just doesn't work. There is a lot of
poor quality crud (this is me being charitable) out there that just
does not work. If you want a KVM that really works, I highly recommend
the Raritan products. You can find used ones cheap. I bought one with
cables for $0.99. It is from the early 90s, but I've used it with a
USB to PS/2 adapter (for those blasted systems whose designers felt
dedicated keyboard and mouse ports were way too retro) and it works.

Rose Electronics and Cybex (now Avocent) also have good KVM products.
They're not cheap, but I believe you get what you pay for with these


Re: problem with KVM MT-270S switch

Some KVMs are sensitive to the power available off the keyboard port,
to fully power when only one computer is on.

Used to be that you could get external power for them to work around
the problem.

A couple of my customers found that the 2 port Belkins would lock like
that and
unplugging the keyboard cable and replugging on the failing
machine brought it
back to life, but every time they told me what they
had to do I felt faint.
I've had other customers lose motherboards that

I have a couple of Cybex that fail occasionally. Generally they come
back to
life when switched to another box then back.

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