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Hello everyone,

Can someone check my reasoning?

I am working from the East Coast on my daughter's PC in San Francisco.
She tells me that the fan runs and nothing shows up on the LCD that is lit.

I want her to check the LCD to see if there is a  self-test by powering the
without connecting it to the computer.

If the LCD works, I suspect a system board failure since the BIOS are not

Can your many experts review my logic and give me guidance.

Thanks a lot.

Re: Problem Booting

Bob Lehrer wrote:
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if she disconnects the monitor from the computer...
she should probably see a "no signal" message...
if so, the monitor itself is prob OK

Re: Problem Booting

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So you eventually after many hours find it's a dead board - or she does
actually kill it in the process. Then what? You're at the other side of
the bloody country. Is she supposed to box it up and UPS it to you?

Tell her to find someone local to repair it.


I'm so grateful to the USA for their contribution to the war on terror.
After all, if they hadn't funded the IRA for 30 years, we wouldn't know
what terror was.

Re: Problem Booting

You are right. But a dad is expected to provide moral support.

She is a little short of cash now and I want to do the best I can.
I will probably send her a spare computer by UPS.


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Re: Problem Booting

Bob Lehrer wrote:
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Faulty Graphics card or Monitor Cable are possible

Re: Problem Booting

Thanks for your help. it was the motherboard


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Re: Problem Booting

On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 15:10:34 -0500, "Bob Lehrer"

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It might display colored bars but I would suspect it will
only display a "no signal" type of message or no message at
all, immediately going into (staying in) sleep mode.  That
does not necessarily indicate the monitor is OK, as actually
seeing it work properly is the only guarantee of that, BUT,
without an overt cause for the monitor failing, it would be
more likely the system is simply failing to produce output,
probably along the lines of what you mention below that the
bios is not initializing or at least not enough to proceed
to displaying output.

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Yes, board failure, bios settings are wrong, power supply
failure, video card failure, cards/memory/cables not plugged
in good... these are the common faults, if the system had
been changed or moved recently it might suggest which are
more likely.  If it had only been running "fine" until now,
with no changes or movement whatsoever, I'd suspect (only
odds, insufficient evidence to be sure) battery dead,
motherboard capacitors failed, or power supply failed.

Your general logic was fine, it's far more likely to be an
inoperable system than a sudden monitor failure.... but even
so, if there were another system available to hook the
monitor up to, that'll rule out the monitor completely.

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