presario SR1910AN sound driver problem

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We have done a generic install of XP home on this pc
All therelevant drivers are installed except the realtek sound driver.

The sound driver is listed on the HP site as:
Summer 2006 Original Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers
It states the system requirements are XP SP2 and that something called
"Universal Audio Architecture High Definition audio bus driver" must
be installed. We have SP2 installed so ran the driver install. It
failed with an error citing "inf match failure" or similar. I assume
it to be because we don't have the UAAHD driver installed.

I can find plenty of info on this driver but nowhere can I find a

Compaq are selling there recovery DVD's for AU$100.00 and I aint
giving em any more money for something that should have been supplied
with the system.

Re: presario SR1910AN sound driver problem


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Is this system a low-end AMD based platform using nVidia

If so, you should try the nVidia sound driver from

Actually, nVidia might have the entire platform driver newer
than what Compaq provides too but if the rest isn't broken,
maybe no reason to change the rest.

Anyway I saw a page listing the Geforce 6150 which suggests
nForce4 chipset, so on nVidia's menu try "Platform/nForce
Drivers", "nForce Audio Driver", and your operating system.
That is, assuming it is actually an AMD-on-nVidia chipset
based system.

Re: presario SR1910AN sound driver problem

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ok yeah it is an amd sempron system
i will have a look at that

Re: presario SR1910AN sound driver problem

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UAA looks to be "pestware", in that the download is not available
directly from a page like this:;en-us;888111

The original UAA driver was included with some audio driver
packages. It won't be the latest UAA driver, but it should be
enough to allow you to proceed further.

First, go here. There are five files to this download (~83MB total): /   20239KB   20247KB   20247KB   20224KB    2016KB

Once unzipped, the first part is a RAR self-executing decompressor.
It expects to find the other parts in the same folder, as near as I
can remember.

Realtek51005127.part1.exe  <--- Execute this one

The majority of the download is the original Microsoft
UAA driver. Multiple languages are supported, and that makes the
UAA component about 24 times bigger than it has to be. You'll find
files like this down in the MSHDQFE folder:

kb888111w2ksp4.exe (about 700KB each)

Select an appropriate language and OS version and try installing it.
Then try the RealTek driver component you already possess.

It is possible the RealTek driver is looking for a later UAA
version, and I cannot guarantee that this early version of UAA
is going to be good enough.


Re: presario SR1910AN sound driver problem

hope this will help you out

scully wrote:
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