Powerful USB Analysers

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The Ellisys 200 USB Analyser will capture and display USB data at up to 480
Mbps, the USB 2 "High Speed" rate. It has just been enhanced by the addition
of two new and powerful options - a real time trigger and the ability to
decode and display the meaning of messages from devices that conform to the
standard USB classes.

The following USB classes are supported :- Audio, Mass Storage, Modems, HID
(mice etc), Still and Motion Cameras, Printers, Hubs and Bluetooth.

To learn more about USB and to see how easy the Ellisys products are to use
Visit our web page
and download the USB Data Visualiser (which includes a number of bus data
captures that you can play back)

This program uses the Windows Installer which is already on all XP machines.
If you have not already got the Windows Installer on your 2K machine you
will first have to load and run it.
To install on Windows 2000, first load the Windows installer
www.computer-solutions.co.uk/download/ellisys/instmsiw.exe Windows Installer
for 2000 (1.8MB)

With a start price of 1,700 Pounds ( less than 2,500 Euro) the Explorer will
rapidly cover its costs.
At 580 Pounds ( 850 Euro) the Tracker will run at up to 12Mb/sec and can
also run the Class Protocol Decoder Option.

These analysers are now available for next day delivery from our web shop.
Visit it at
http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk and keep our site book marked as in the
"Information Zone" we have published a number of free information services
to Embedded Engineers.

Our aim is to make it the premier Embedded Development site.


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