Power supply problem?

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I've been having problems which I'm pretty sure are the fault of the
power supply, but i'd like a second opinion!!!

Basically when I switch my machine on the fans spin up for about 1
second, then the whole thing dies. if i press the power button again
nothing happens at all......only if I pull out the plug at the wall
and plug it back in will it repeat the above symptoms.

So I guessed the power supply must be tripping out, so I disconnect
the power to the hard drive, dvd drive, cpu fan and unplug my usb
modem and try again.

This time the machine gets as far as the bios and then shuts
down.......I reconnect the hard drive, and after a few attempts the
machine boots up normally.

I ran a monitoring utility to keep an eye on the voltages, but they
seem fine......even when I really get the processor drawing alot of
current it does'nt fall over.

Am I right in thinking the power supply is faulty?.........I'm
guessing the 12v side is failing and unable to supply the required
current to start the machine from cold


Re: Power supply problem?

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 18:15:42 +0100, Paul

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Yes that's a strong sign of a PSU problem.

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The parts you removed, are a relatively low % of total
system power, and it is expected that their removal alone
may not make enough difference.  This is a situation where
it would be good to take PSU readings with a multimeter
while the system is turned on, up until it shuts down.
Particularly the 5V and 12V rails.

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yes, it seems either the cold start surge or the cold temp
of the PSU itself is a problem... either way the odds are
high you need another PSU, preferribly one name-brand with
ample reserve capacity.

Re: Power supply problem?

Your explanation sounds reasonable.


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Re: Power supply problem?

Thanks for your views.

I got a replacement power supply today and fitted it. The machine is
now running perfectly............case solved.

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