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I've recently purchased and begun playing with a couple of POST diagnostic
PCI cards.  If anyone here has experience with these things, I've got a
couple of questions that the amazingly-translated-from-chinese manual
doesn't answer - :-)  An example would probably be useful.

I've got a Compaq 4100 that displays the following error message during POST
(no beep codes):

"Have system serviced immediately.  Press F2 to continue booting or system
will shutdown in 5 seconds"

Incidently, pressing F2 gives what appears to be a normal boot into XP.
Not pressing F2 results in the promised shutdown after 5 seconds.  Clearing
CMOS has to impact on the error message.

This error message displays both with the system stripped (only MB, RAM, CPU
& HD) and with the system normally assembled.

I had previously chalked this up to a failing MB, having ruled out RAM with
a successful 24-hour Memtest Run & CPU by testing it on another board.

This board uses an Award BIOS, and the POST card reports Codes 4E followed
by 45 when the error message displays.

Researching the AWARD bios error codes, I see that 4E = "If there is an
error, show the error message on the screen and wait for user to press key
to continue", and 45 = "Detect and initialize math CoProcessor"

Does this message mean there is problem with the CoProcessor, or that this
is the last thing that happened (successfully initializing the Math
CoProcessor) before the error?  I couldn't locate (after an admittedly short
search) a sequential listing of the BIOS POST steps, so I couldn't say what
is supposed to happen after the CoProcessor is initialized...

Thanks for your help.


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